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If you don't maintain the cabinet, it will directly affect the service life of the cabinet; Effective maintenance can directly reduce the possibility of cabinet problems. The head of the moon rabbit cabinet will explain to you how to maintain and maintain the cabinet in daily life

the moon rabbit cabinet is elegant and exquisite, always exuding romance, sweetness and fantasy, giving people a warm feeling, so it is effortlessly loved by the majority of consumers. However, there is a headache for the cabinet, that is, it is not resistant to dirt and it is troublesome to clean, which is directly related to the service life of the cabinet. Effective maintenance can also directly reduce the possibility of problems in the cabinet. The head of the moon rabbit cabinet will explain to you how to maintain and maintain the cabinet in daily life

the person in charge of the table production of the moon rabbit cabinet explained that as a table directly in contact with oil stains, soup and the bottom of the pot, its maintenance is also mainly concentrated in the cooking process. At present, the countertops of most cabinets, whether quartz stone, diamond, jade or kitchen gem, are made of artificial stone. Although some artificial stones can withstand high temperature, we should try our best to avoid direct contact between the hot pot and the countertops in daily life, because frequent high temperature contact will reduce the performance of the countertops; Secondly, sharp and sharp objects cannot directly hit the table, which is easy to cause scratches and affect the appearance; There are also some colored condiments, such as soy sauce and vinegar, which are accidentally poured on the table, should also be wiped clean in time. If they are not treated for a long time, they may also cause penetration and corrosion. If they are wooden tables, pay attention to waterproof

paying attention to some small details in the daily cleaning process can also make the countertop of the cabinet more durable and beautiful. For example, some people do not pay much attention to cleaning the countertop and wipe it with hard cleaning cloth, steel ball, chemical agent or steel brush, which will undoubtedly bring many small scratches to the original smooth surface. After a period of time, you will find that the color of the countertop is dim and no longer beautiful. The correct method is to wipe it with a soft towel dipped in water and then wipe it dry. If the oil stain is too thick, use soapy water or detergent, which is enough to ensure the needs of table cleaning in daily life

the surface of the table top should be kept dry as far as possible, and the refractory board and table top should not be immersed in water for a long time to prevent glue opening deformation. Artificial stone countertops should prevent bleach and scale in water from lightening the color of the countertops and affecting the appearance

strictly prevent strong chemicals from contacting the table, such as paint remover, metal cleaner, stove cleaner, methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish remover), strong acid cleaner, etc. In case of accidental contact with the above items, immediately wash the surface with a large amount of soapy water

do not let heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface; Oversized or overweight vessels cannot be placed on the table for a long time; Don't rinse with cold water and scald with boiling water immediately

clean with soap water or detergent containing ammonia (such as detergent). For scale, remove it with a wet cloth and then wipe it with a dry cloth





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