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Although the microwave oven is a kind of household appliance widely used in the family, many people don't understand its usage methods and taboos. What are the instructions for the use of Midea microwave oven and what are the taboos for using microwave oven? Let's learn together with Xiaobian

introduction to the instructions of Midea microwave oven

1. Thawed food should be cooked or eaten as soon as possible

2. If the food is thawed in a large area or thick, you should remember to turn the food upside down, which is conducive to better thawing

(1) frozen raw meat and fish can be thawed in containers only after the packaging is removed. It is best to cut them into several parts and place them neatly

(2) if it is fragile food such as frozen pies, cream, cookies, etc., just thaw it slightly in the microwave oven, and then put it in the greenhouse for automatic thawing

1. Microwave cooking

(1) press “ Microwave ” Press the key to select the corresponding microwave power

(2) press the minute and second key to select the cooking time

(3) press “ Start ” Key to cook

(4) press “ Start/+30 seconds ”, The cooking time will be increased by 30 seconds, and the firepower will remain the same

2. Quick nutritious meal made in microwave oven

(1) there are many buttons on the microwave oven, such as milk, coffee, steamed eggs, steamed fish, nutritious soup, etc. “ Nutrition menu ” Key, when you are making food, just light up the corresponding cooking indication in the menu key

(2) then press “ Start/+30 seconds ” When the key starts cooking, the corresponding cooking sign will flash. When the menu runs to two-thirds of the set time, the microwave oven will sound twice to remind you to open the oven door and turn over the food

what are the taboos of using microwave ovens

1. Avoid using ordinary plastic containers

when using microwave ovens, you should use special microwave containers for food. You can't use ordinary plastic containers, because hot food will deform the plastic containers, and ordinary plastics will release toxic substances when heated, which will endanger human health

2. Avoid using metal utensils

microwave ovens cannot use metal utensils, because metal utensils such as iron, aluminum and stainless steel will produce electric sparks with the microwave oven and reflect the microwave, which will damage the microwave oven and cannot achieve the effect of heating food

3. Do not use closed containers

use wide mouthed containers even when heating liquids, because in closed containers, the heat generated by food heating is not easy to dissipate, making the pressure generated by closed containers too large, causing container explosion. Even when cooking food with shells, you should peel off the shells first, so as not to cause microwave oven explosion

4. Avoid heating over time

if the food is thawed or heated in the microwave oven, forget to take it out in time. If the time is more than 2 hours, throw the food away, otherwise it will cause food poisoning

Meidi microwave oven instructions, what are the taboos of using microwave oven? I wonder if you understand this! The instructions for using Midea microwave oven are very simple. However, you should pay attention to many taboos when using microwave oven. After all, this is a common electrical appliance at home, and safety is the most important




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