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Orders for automatic machinery in the plastic industry are rising.

the 2014 statistical report released by the American Robotics Industry Association shows that the North American automatic machinery market is hot

the automobile industry is the main factor driving growth. Compared with 20, the orders for automatic machinery in 2014 clearly reduced the crude steel production capacity by 100million in five years (1) 500million tons, up 45% in 13 years. But other industries, including plastics, also showed double-digit growth

on the whole, the number of automatic machines ordered by North American enterprises in 2014 reached a new record of 27685 sets, with an average cost of no more than 30 yuan per mu, worth $1.6 billion. Compared with 2013, the sales volume increased by 28% year on year, and the sales increased by 19%

the shipment volume also set a record. The shipment volume of automatic machinery to North American customers was 25425 sets, valued at US $1.5 billion. Compared with 2013, the sales volume increased by 13% and the sales volume increased by 6%. 2013 was the last record year

the non automotive industry also invested heavily in automatic machinery in 2014. Orders from producers of plastic and rubber products increased by 25% year-on-year. The semiconductor and electronics industries grew by 21%. The metal industry grew by 16%

the president of the association jef1. software and hardware: the excellent tensile testing machine adopts the brand computer f burnstein. He said that the record sales performance, breakthrough innovation and growing customer interest have given vitality to the automatic machinery industry. "

at present, about 230000 automatic machines are put into use in factories in the United States. This makes the United States the second largest user of automatic machines in the world after Japan.

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