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Variable frequency speed regulation full-automatic constant pressure water supply I. product overview as early as the 1990s, Puda electric appliance has widely used frequency converters in constant pressure water supply for colleges and universities, living quarters and high-rise buildings, and achieved very ideal results. It has replaced the traditional water tower or roof tank water supply, reduced capital construction costs, reduced floor space and avoided the re pollution of water sources, Fully realize all-weather unattended full-automatic constant pressure water supply, and always keep the pipe water pressure constant no matter when and where. When the pressure and water supply of municipal pipes cannot meet the needs of life and fire fighting, the frequency conversion constant pressure system produced by our company is undoubtedly the best solution

II. Working principle

after the municipal water source or underground water source enters the reservoir (the water level of the reservoir can also be set with full-automatic control), the water pump controlled by the frequency converter directly pressurizes the water into the water supply pipe to each water consumption point, and the pipe pressure is set as required. The frequency converter can control one pump, two pumps and multiple pumps. Professor youzhengwei's team from the key national laboratory for fiber material modification of Donghua University has made important progress in the field of 3D printing thermosetting materials. The water pump with speed saving is called frequency conversion pump, and the pump without frequency converter to adjust the speed is called power frequency pump. The combination of frequency conversion pump and power frequency pump can save some costs. When the water consumption changes, the pipe pressure will change accordingly. At this time, the pressure change will be transmitted to the calculation and processing system through the pressure detection (pressure transmitter), and the system will send the pump acceleration or deceleration command to meet the pressure requirements. When one pump fails to meet the pressure requirements at full speed, the second, third or more pumps will be automatically put into operation; On the contrary, stopping lactic acid one by one can further degrade into carbon dioxide and water. The second, third or more pumps. In short, let the tube achieve the purpose of constant pressure

variable frequency constant pressure is also applicable to constant pressure air supply, constant pressure air supply, constant pressure oil supply and other fields. It is very effective for the control of circulating water and forced draft fan of central air conditioning, and can achieve the purpose of energy saving and power saving to the greatest extent. (attached figure)

III. option 2. When selecting a complete set of variable-frequency and constant pressure water supply equipment, it is necessary to first determine the most known large amount of water supply during the peak period, and then determine the vertical distance from the reservoir to the highest water supply point and the horizontal distance from the farthest water supply point. According to the above conditions, the pump selection can be conducted by selecting an independent pump to meet the needs, or selecting multiple pumps to meet the needs together. After determining the pump power and quantity, the constant pressure water supply equipment can be selected

model, significance and expression of variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment:

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