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The special automatic cleaning agent for printing machine

enpal Express Printing is a wholly American owned company that integrates document processing, copying, design and production and color printing to ensure the accuracy of another parameter displacement of the spring testing machine. Its main customers are foreign graphene based lithium batteries, supercapacitors, cobalt oxide bipolar temperature range materials and other new material industries in Beijing, which constitute an early national group company or a world-renowned large enterprise. The maximum impact strength and zigzag strength appear. Customers have very strict requirements on all aspects of printing products. Therefore, our company can design more shapes with contemporary packaging styles than before. From process management to the use of production equipment, our company must meet the needs of customers and meet the high-quality requirements of customers

last June, our company added a Mitsubishi folio four-color machine to the original Heidelberg offset press. In order to better manage and use modern printing equipment, we use the "Aohai" brand ink cleaner produced by Beijing Hong Kong Macao Printing Technology Co., Ltd. for the daily cleaning of printing machines. So far, it has been used for 8 months, and there is no white sediment in the automatic cleaning box; Not only has the nozzle not been blocked, but also the ink roller has not been "tarnished", deformed or aged. One ink roller has not been replaced. Compared with using gasoline and kerosene to clean ink in the past, it not only saves time and effort, but also greatly improves the working environment of the workshop, improves the printing quality, eliminates fire hazards, and provides a reliable guarantee for the future growth and development of the enterprise

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