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The automatic distribution system of dyeing auxiliaries has been listed in the outline of scientific and technological progress in the "12th Five Year Plan" of the textile industry as the "automatic distribution system of dyeing auxiliaries" among the 110 advanced and applicable technologies promoted throughout the industry. During the "11th Five Year Plan" period, it has been used in some leading enterprises in the printing and dyeing industry and achieved good results

recently, accompanied by the engineering and technical personnel of Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd., who designed and developed the automatic distribution system of dye additives, inspected the automatic shutdown protection; The application of this system in Guangdong Foshan JinFang group is introduced

in the user units, the automatic distribution system of dye additives is mainly applied to chemical workshop, mercerizing machine, desizing, scouring and bleaching machine, sizing machine, cold stacking machine, pad dyeing machine and other processes and machines. The technicians and workshop workers of Guangdong Foshan JinFang group described in vivid language the comparison before and after the use of the automatic distribution system of dye additives

in the chemical workshop, the technician said that before the application of the automatic distribution system, the chemical workshop undertook the chemical and transportation tasks of most dyes and additives in the whole printing and dyeing production, with high labor intensity, heavy tasks and poor working environment. The workers said, "you can't imagine how dirty it used to be here. If you walk around the workshop wearing light colored clothes like this, you will definitely get stained." The technician said that after using the system, the labor intensity of workshop workers was greatly reduced, and the work efficiency was significantly improved, which not only reduced the waste of dyes and chemicals, but also made the workshop clean. The dissolving, diluting and feeding of dyes basically do not need manual intervention, and the chemical accuracy is improved. In case of emergency use of materials, it will not happen that the chemical materials can not keep up with the production progress, and the production process is much less dependent on technicians

near the mercerizing machine, the workers said that before the mercerizing machine was applied to the system, the alkali concentration was mainly monitored manually and regularly. This method could not accurately control the alkali concentration in real time, resulting in many mercerizing quality problems and poor mercerizing whiteness and gross efficiency. Now, the automatic control function of the alkali concentration of mercerizing machine with the automatic distribution system of dye solution and additives has been applied to realize the real-time control of the alkali concentration, so that the alkali concentration can be stabilized within the range required by the process. The alkali concentration detection efficiency is high. The mercerizing quality is not only improved by nearly 15% compared with last year, but also the mercerizing process stability is significantly improved. In addition, the amount of alkali can be reduced by more than 20% through the reuse of mercerized light alkali

at the setting machine, the technician told that before the application of the automatic distribution system, the manual addition of additives was not accurate, which often caused rework and other problems, and it was necessary to assign special personnel to make materials, which was labor-intensive. After the application of the automatic distribution system, the labor intensity of workers operating the machine is reduced, the timeliness of materials is guaranteed, the annual average consumption of additives is saved by 3%, and the rework rate is also reduced by 5%

at the process of decommissioning, boiling and bleaching combined machine, the workers said that before the system was applied, although the process had regulations on the amount of additives, the amount of additives still needed to be controlled by experience in specific operations, resulting in insufficient or excessive preparation of additives, resulting in waste of additives, and unstable product quality. After the application of the system, the efficient and accurate auxiliary distribution function reduces the distribution time, labor intensity, labor force and rework rate, significantly reducing the waste of auxiliary

at the pad dyeing machines in rows, the workers told that before the application of the system, due to the lack of technical means, the proportion of dye solution could not be strictly controlled, resulting in color difference problems, especially color difference between batches and dyeing defects. After the application of the automatic distribution system, the dyeing defects of color difference are greatly reduced, and the color difference between batches reaches 14. Overload protection: when the load exceeds 2-5% of the maximum value, the machine will automatically stop; At grade 4 or above, the machine rework rate is reduced, the first-class product rate is increased, and the dyeing defects are significantly improved

the technician told that after using the automatic distribution system, through the high-precision control of the preparation and transportation of dye solution and additives, the reproducibility of the formula and the stability of the process were ensured, the rework rate was reduced, the quality level of replenishment and return orders was improved, and the production efficiency was greatly improved

the technician also said to that after using the automatic distribution system, it also provided convenience for dyeing and printing, and the printing was basically successful at one time. Reduce the times of printing, and save personnel and time waste caused by multiple printing. The data shows that the use of automatic distribution system can reduce about 3% of the additional waste in the transportation process due to the small-scale housing of Volkswagen and other industries. The manual operation time of dissolving and conveying is only a few seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of dye dissolving, diluting and conveying. Due to the unattended automatic control, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the labor cost is reduced by 20%~35%

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