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Usage of compound soft packaging wrinkle roller cleaner

wrinkle roller is a key component in the flexible packaging compound coater, and it sticks 2 during the coating process Liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine: the elongation of rubber or elastomer is relatively large, and the agent often gradually forms a curing layer in the groove roller hole and blocks the hole, resulting in insufficient glue amount and reduced composite strength. The curing layer of the blocked hole is generally very difficult to clean it from the hole. Landmark ldx-302 wrinkle roller cleaning agent (plate washing solution) is characterized by convenient use and remarkable effect. It does not need any auxiliary settings for stable transmission. In a relatively short time, the annual production capacity of calcium carbide is controlled within 45 million tons. It can remove the curing layers such as ink, varnish and paint in the hole, and restore it to a clean wrinkle roller, maintaining its original ink transfer and coating effect. Usage of roller cleaner:

first, please wear rubber gloves and safety glasses before using landmark ldx-302 plate washing solution

II. Note: the surface of the corrugated roller to be cleaned is required to be dry. If there is solvent on the surface of the corrugated roller, the cleaning effect will be affected. Be sure to use a dry cloth to wipe the solvent and floating glue on the roller

III. open the sample of the plate washing solution, which should be covered by two protective caps of the packaging bottles with a diameter of about 50mm, and evenly apply the cleaning agent to the surface of the roller with a brush. The plate washing solution must completely cover the surface of the roller, and the coating thickness should be about 0.2 ~ 0.5mm. Wrap the roll with PE or PP film

IV. please wait for about 15 minutes. At this time, you can clearly see that the adhesive layer has been peeled off. Wipe it gently with a copper brush or rag and it will all fall off

v. wash the surface of the corrugated roller with clean water or solvent and wipe it dry. At this time, you can see that the cleaned corrugated roller shows the natural color of metal and is as bright as new

VI. if there are still a small amount of traces of solidified substances on the surface of the corrugated roller, first wipe the water on the surface of the corrugated roller completely, and then repeat the cleaning procedure of 2 ~ 4. Brush the places with traces of solidified substances such as ink for several times. At this point, we will be able to get a clean wrinkle roll

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