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Application field and description of infrared thermometer

when encountering dangerous and inaccessible environments and occasions where different fixtures can be installed and inaccessible, infrared thermometer will be the first choice. If temperature measurement is needed in any inaccessible area, the infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperature and realize non-contact measurement. The temperature range that the infrared thermometer can measure is also relatively large. Infrared temperature measurement technology has been developed to scan the surface with thermal changes, determine its temperature distribution image, and quickly detect the hidden temperature difference. Because of the essence of infrared measurement, infrared instruments are more used in industrial fields. Thermometers outside the red project are widely used in the steel, glass and plastic industries. They are also widely used in prevention facilities

I. infrared thermometer is used in the iron and steel industry because the products are in motion and the temperature is very high. The common application in the iron and steel industry is that the temperature is a continuous state, and the molten steel begins to transform into blocks. Reheating steel at the same temperature is the key to prevent its deformation. Infrared thermometer is used to measure the internal temperature of regenerator. In high temperature rotary mill, infrared thermometer is used to confirm that the temperature of the product is within the rotation limit. In the cooling mill, infrared thermometer monitors the temperature of steel during the cooling process

second, infrared thermometer in the glass industry

in the glass industry, it should be heated to a very high temperature. The infrared thermometer is used to monitor the temperature in the furnace. The handheld sensor detects high temperature points by measuring the outside. Measure the temperature of the molten glass to determine the appropriate temperature of the furnace mouth. In flat glass products, the sensor detects the temperature at each processing stage. Wrong temperature or too fast temperature change will cause uneven expansion or contraction. For bottle and container products, the molten glass will flow to the front furnace maintained at the same temperature. The infrared thermometer is used to detect the temperature of the glass in the front furnace. So it should be in a proper state at the exit. In glass fiber products, infrared sensors are used to detect the temperature of the glass in the front furnace in the processing furnace. Another use of infrared sensors in the glass industry is in the process of windshield products

III. infrared thermometers in the plastic industry

in the plastic industry, infrared thermometers are used to avoid product contamination, measure dynamic objects and measure high-temperature plastics. In the process of blowing out the blown film, temperature measurement to adjust to heating and cooling can help maintain the integrity of the plastic tension and its thickness. During the spraying process of the polished film, the sensor helps to control the temperature to ensure the thickness and uniformity of the product. When the sheet is pressed out, the sensor can be adjusted by the operator. It can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) heaters and cold coils to ensure the quality of products

IV. infrared thermometer chemical industry

in the petrochemical industry, refineries use temperature display systems in routine preventive maintenance procedures. These procedures include the monitoring of furnace process and the confirmation of thermocouple readings. In the furnace process inspection, infrared display is used to detect the proportion of carbon accumulation on the heating surface tube. This build-up, known as coking, will lead to a higher ignition rate of the furnace and a rise in tube temperature. This high temperature condition will reduce the service life of the pipe. Because this kind of coking will prevent the product from absorbing the heat of the pipe evenly. When using infrared thermometer, we will find that the surface temperature of the pipe in the junction area is often higher than that in other areas

v. the infrared thermometer can also play a preventive maintenance role.

with the portable heat display system, the maintenance personnel can find out the potential or existing problems. For example, the coil winding of the engine is overheated, the plugged cooling fins on the transformer, the capacitor is in poor contact, and the heat is accumulated in the cylinder head of the compressor. Any problem is accompanied by an increase in temperature, or the temperature curve is completely different from the surrounding temperature, so you can use a portable heat display system to locate. In most cases, problems can be found and corrected in time before stopping the process flow. (end)

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