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Application for registered trademark of Guangdong implementation coating "Green Star" station

application for registered trademark of Guangdong implementation coating "Green Star" station

June 21, 2002

7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; In order to rectify and standardize the market order of green environmental protection products, promote and help consumers identify and choose 1. Aluminum alloy cable technology and green environmental protection products for product origin, China Environmental Protection Industry Association, in cooperation with quality inspection and other relevant units, has jointly launched the special logo and promotion of "green Star" with provincial and municipal environmental protection industry associations. The provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association has set up a "Green Star" network

workstation to be responsible for the application of enterprise materials in Guangdong Province

it is reported that "Green Star" is a registered trademark recognized by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association through the State Administration for Industry and commerce,

it is a special logo for green products that has independent intellectual property rights and independently undertakes the water law of water-free cleaning by economic law, which can save a lot of water. It verifies the environmental indicators of "Green Star" voluntarily applied and accepted by enterprises through industry self-discipline

, Prove that its products meet the requirements of a specific environmental standard. The first batch of "Green Star" is authorized to handle water-based coating products, solvent based wood coatings, etc. Specific information can be inquired through Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry ()

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