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Energy storage technology: the application field of lithium iron phosphate battery

the application field of lithium iron phosphate battery is very wide, It can be said that the lithium iron phosphate battery can be used wherever the battery can be used. Since it is omnipotent, why write this rotten article? It can also be regarded as summarizing and sorting out a direction for yourself. Is it consistent with the accuracy of alignment.

(1) Application in portable electrical appliances at present, mobile, notebook computers, micro cameras and other electrical appliances that need portable power supply have become an indispensable part of people's life. In terms of its power supply, lithium batteries are selected as the mainstream of the market without exception. According to statistics, the global output is nearly 2 + billion units per year, and the global production of notebook computers is about 200 + million units per year, forming a huge lithium battery application market. Lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganate lithium-ion batteries play a leading role in this field. In recent years, there has also been a trend to replace lithium iron phosphate

(2) application in the transportation industry with the progress of social civilization, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased and their requirements for the environment have become increasingly high. Environmentally friendly means of transportation have entered people's vision. At present, China's electric light vehicles, mainly electric bicycles, have shown a vigorous development trend. Power lithium iron phosphate battery packs have begun to be used in some high-end models. In the development of electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries have become the mainstream

in China, more than half of the electric vehicles developed by many automobile research and production enterprises use lithium iron phosphate batteries, and there is a trend of gradual expansion

(3) application in military equipment and aerospace industry: in the current military equipment with low downstream demand, lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly used as power starting power supply, wireless communication radio power supply, micro unmanned reconnaissance aircraft power supply, etc. in addition, lithium iron phosphate batteries are also widely used, such as laser sights, night vision devices, pilot life-saving radio power supply, etc. In the aerospace field, lithium iron phosphate batteries have been used in geosynchronous orbit satellites and low orbit communication satellites as the power for launch, in-flight correction and ground operation

(4) the structural characteristics and special working principle of lithium iron phosphate battery determine its rich raw materials, environmental protection, high capacity, good circulation performance and safety performance. It has broad application prospects in the medical industry (such as hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers, etc.), petrochemical industry (such as oil extraction power load adjustment), power industry (such as energy storage power supply). In the pursuit of green energy today, it has more important significance

application of lithium iron phosphate battery with the rapid development of mobile electronic devices and energy, they plan to provide the wearer with the increasing demand for navigation through tactile feedback and GPS module. The high capacity, moderate voltage, wide sources of lithium battery and its cycle life meter should pay attention to the characteristics of long service life, low cost, good performance and no pollution to the environment when initially setting, Therefore, it can not only be applied to mobile communication tools

lithium iron phosphate, as the cathode material of lithium battery, is the safest cathode material of lithium-ion battery at present. Due to its safety and stability, lithium iron phosphate battery has become an important development direction of lithium-ion power battery. As the global trend of vigorously developing new energy vehicles has taken shape, the status of lithium battery packs in China will continue to improve in the future and will sooner or later become a dark horse in the industry

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