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Application example of banner sensor

■ product direction positioning

application: position the bottle direction so that the top label and the sensitive label of the bottle body test remain in the same direction

sensor model: r55cg1 color code sensor

application example: rotate the bottle after it is in place. After detecting the gold foil label, proceed to the next labeling process

■ web cutting mark detection

application: detect the color mark on the edge of the web and accurately control the next cutting process

sensor model: the correct way to use the fixture of the mini-beam series sm312 experimental machine should be the cv2b focusing blue light source color mark sensor

application example description: the mini-beam blue LED focusing sensor can detect the color mark of various colors, including white background and yellow mark. The sensor is installed near the printing cylinder, It can prevent the vibration of paper, and the sensor is inclined by 15 degrees, which can prevent the bright material from reflecting too much light. See the "color code sensor" section for detailed selection guidelines

■ transparent film color code detection

application: detect the edge color code of transparent materials, and under precise control, the next cutter correspondingly increases the purchase of some high-quality powder resources. The overall demand is orderable

sensor model: d11en6fpg with plastic optical fiber pdis46um12

application example: detect that the detection end of special plastic optical fiber is groove type, and detect the edge color code of transparent materials, This D11 expert type sensor has a green source until the sample is broken, which can reliably detect the color code on the transparent material. The opposite type can detect the color code of different colors, and can eliminate the influence of film vibration

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