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6194 printing and reproduction enterprises in Henan have an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan

it was learned from the Symposium on the special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in some provinces and cities in China held in Zhengzhou from December 22 to 23 that at present, 6194 printing and reproduction enterprises of all kinds have been registered in Henan Province, with a total output value of more than 10 billion yuan, making Henan one of the major printing provinces in China

Yu Yongzhan, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, attended the Symposium and delivered a speech

According to Zhan Yurong, director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, the printing and Reproduction Industry in Henan Province has developed rapidly in recent years. Among all registered printing and reproduction enterprises, there are 300 publication printing license enterprises; 769 packaging and decoration printing license enterprises; 1535 other printing license enterprises; 53 Enterprises licensed for special plate making and binding; 3530 printing and typing units of high-precision testing instruments such as compound tension machine; 7 replication enterprises; 18 CD production lines. There are nearly 150000 employees in the printing and Reproduction Industry in the province

she said, "there are also some prominent problems in the printing and Reproduction Industry in Henan Province." It is understood that at present, these problems mainly include: some unauthorized printing reproduction plants and sites have become important processing dens for various illegal publications, "fake trademarks, fake logos, and fake packaging"; The business behavior of printing and reproduction enterprises needs to be further standardized. Some enterprises violate the "Regulations on the administration of printing industry" and the "provisions on the administration of printing of printed materials", and a few publishing units do not issue power of attorney in accordance with the regulations when printing publications; In some places, piracy, pirated printing (system), and the production and sale of "three fakes" (reflecting strong resistance to cyclical fake certificates, fake diplomas, and fake seals) have not been fundamentally curbed

at the symposium held that day, what items are needed for steel structure testing in Henan Province? What tests are needed for steel structures? The relevant departments reported the investigation and handling of a number of illegal printing cases, such as the "case of the second high school of Yicheng County illegally printing textbooks", "the case of the Shangqiu Yucheng Nanguan individual printing factory illegally printing textbooks and teaching aids"

according to another report, Henan Province listed Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xinxiang, Shangqiu and Zhoukou as the key areas and key parts of the special rectification, as well as Mihe town of Zhengzhou and Jiangqiao in Zhoukou

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