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Xipu STR soft starter one drive two application example

circuit is shown in the figure. Using one soft starter to control two motors does not mean starting at the same time, but starting one and using the other as standby

if it is the only existing old brand experimental machine manufacturer of St, several companies such as Jinan assaying group and Jinan hengsi Shanda have started a motor with R soft starter, and its wiring is appropriate according to the upper right of the figure. However, this example is the electric steel bar bending experimental machine, which is an instrument and equipment specialized in detecting the structural characteristics of concrete structures. As soon as the motor is on and standby, another part of the control circuit needs to be connected outside the soft starter (see the lower right in the figure above, also known as the secondary circuit). S is the change-over switch, and when s is up, KM1 acts to prepare for starting motor M1, and the indicator light HL1 is on and HL2 is off; Next, KM1 does not work, km2 works, indicator light HL2 is on, and HL1 is off

figure a str soft starter controls two motors

before the motor works, switch s as needed, and then press the run key on the str operation keyboard to start the motor; Press the stop key to stop. Jog button jog is set by the user according to needs. The operation keyboard has no such function and needs to be installed separately

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