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Discussion on overhaul and transformation of vulcanizer

the overhaul and transformation of dual-mode tire vulcanizer is an emerging industry developed in recent years, and has initially formed a certain scale and market. The overhaul and transformation of the vulcanizer will bring benefits to the enterprise in terms of technology and investment. At the same time, it is also a new idea for the technological transformation of tire manufacturing enterprises

1 proposal of the project

due to the use environment and continuous working nature of the vulcanizer, the overhaul cycle of the vulcanizer is shorter than that of other mechanical equipment, the model update cycle of the vulcanizer is faster, the vulcanization process changes greatly, and the control level of gas, electricity, hydraulic pressure and so on is constantly updated and improved; At the same time, environmental protection and energy conservation, improving labor intensity, improving economic benefits of enterprises, and the improvement of the quality requirements of automobile tires due to the development of highways will inevitably put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and automation of vulcanizers

in order to adapt to the above changes, domestic enterprises must update the equipment as soon as possible, or overhaul and transform the original curing press. However, due to the limitation of funds, domestic tire enterprises cannot buy a large number of new equipment, but can only supplement a batch of reliable and applicable second-hand equipment that has been greatly modified, or overhaul and transform the original vulcanizer equipment, so as to expand the production scale and improve the production capacity

at the same time, in the fierce competition in the domestic and international markets, some tire enterprises have withdrawn from the tire manufacturing industry, and their vulcanizers and other equipment have been thrown into the market, becoming the first choice for some tire enterprises to reduce investment and increase equipment. At the same time, some second-hand vulcanizers in Taiwan and abroad have also entered the market, becoming the source for tire enterprises to increase equipment

from this, it is not difficult to see that the market owned by the overhaul and transformation of tire equipment is also slightly seen by adopting the world's advanced production technology

2 overhaul and transformation form and characteristics of vulcanizing machine

2.1 overhaul and transformation form

overhaul and transformation of vulcanizing machine can be a simple overhaul, mainly checking and replacing damaged parts, and repairing some parts that cannot be replaced, such as beam, shaft head, wallboard and guide rail. All these works are carried out on the use site of vulcanizing machine; It can also be a complete transformation, that is, the most advanced model is transplanted to the old vulcanizer to make it have the same performance as the new one. All these works are carried out in vulcanizer manufacturers or large manufacturers with strong processing capacity

2.2 advantages of overhaul and transformation

compared with the newly purchased vulcanizer, the overhaul and transformation vulcanizer has the following advantages: the lower leg prosthesis is connected to a specially designed socket:

(1) the delivery period is short, even if the transformation is carried out in the host manufacturer

(2) the performance is more stable, the design risk is small, the parts will hardly produce stress deformation after long-term aging, and the functions of all parts are stable after long-term running in

(3) the use of property can be directly involved in the transformation plan to fully realize their own wishes

(4) save a lot of investment

(5) reduce investment risk

2.3 socialization and specialization trend of overhaul and transformation of vulcanizing machine

overhaul and transformation of vulcanizing machine is not only a necessary and important behavior in the current period of economic transition in China, but also a strategic measure for the long-term development of enterprises

at present, most tire manufacturing enterprises are facing the challenge of market economy. Each enterprise cannot have its own large and comprehensive maintenance team, so the socialization and specialization of the overhaul and transformation of vulcanizer has become an inevitable trend. This requires enterprise leaders to avoid their own weaknesses, make full use of the market, select domestic professional manufacturers of vulcanizing machines with the ability of design and large-scale transformation, and integrate the latest models, electrical control schemes, etc. into the vulcanizing machines to be transformed, so that the performance of the overhauled vulcanizing machines is almost the same as that of the newly manufactured models

3 selection of overhaul and transformation scheme of vulcanizing machine

3.1 preliminary preparation

(1) technical feasibility analysis

according to the use requirements, carry out a comprehensive technical demonstration on the central mechanism of vulcanizing machine, tire loading and unloading mechanism to promote the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the company's industrial structure, tire supporting mechanism and electrical control form, and prepare the overhaul and transformation task book, so that the vulcanizing machine can achieve the expected after transformation

(2) economic feasibility analysis

a. analyze whether the investment required to achieve the overhaul and transformation goal is reasonable

b. whether the input-output rate can be estimated to recover the investment quickly and produce better benefits as soon as possible

c. whether there is a reliable guarantee for the source of funds for major changes

3.2 preparation of technical scheme

make a detailed technical scheme for the new model to be transformed according to the original model, mainly including the feasible technical scheme of tire loading and unloading mechanism, tire supporting mechanism, thermal pipeline and power water pipeline, pneumatic control system, lubrication system and electrical control system. The supporting components such as valves and electrical components shall be the products of the manufacturers that the company is using as far as possible, so as to make the supply of spare parts more convenient and economical, and at the same time, it is conducive to management. On the premise of meeting the process requirements, the configuration standard will not be improved, so as to reduce the cost

4 implementation of the project

4.1 selection of construction team

this is a very important work, and the qualification and reputation of the bidder should be comprehensively assessed. The company participating in the project construction should have the following conditions: a complete and efficient technical support system, the key is human factors, and the company should have a comprehensive team including machinery, electrical, hydraulic, process, etc., with years of rich design, manufacturing, assembly Engineer team with commissioning experience. If it is necessary to process large parts such as the base, the processing capacity and transportation costs of the company should be considered, as well as many factors such as the size and capital status of the company

4.2 specific implementation of the project

whether the overhaul and transformation are carried out on the site or by the transformation manufacturer, after the approval of the design scheme, the parts that can be processed in advance must be fed and processed first in order to shorten the overhaul and transformation cycle of the vulcanizer. In addition to replacing the vulnerable parts, the upper plane of the base, the lower plane of the beam and the shaft head, hot plate support plate, wallboard, central mechanism, transmission system, etc. during the process of winding the steel wire with the specified number of turns shall be inspected, The out of tolerance parts need to be processed to meet the requirements of manufacturing accuracy, and finally carry out load commissioning and acceptance

4.3 data, training and warranty

sort out the inspection records of key parts before and after overhaul and transformation. Compared with traditional modified plastics, the design data of overhaul and transformation are archived and provided to users. At the same time, technical training and warranty work should be carried out for users

5 conclusion

the overhaul and transformation of dual-mode tire vulcanizers is in the ascendant. Under the current situation of our country, it is a strategic measure that can not be ignored for the development of tire enterprises to overhaul and transform a large number of vulcanizers with poor automation and various mechanical properties, and to make these equipment exert efficiency and create benefits as soon as possible with less capital investment. (end)

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