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Discussion on quality control technology of full-automatic corrugated board veneering machine

[Abstract] from a practical point of view, this paper analyzes the installation, commissioning and maintenance elements of full-automatic corrugated board veneering machine, and puts forward application skills, which provides a basis for the quality control of color boxes in the use of color box production line, and provides a reference for the installation, commissioning and actual application of manufacturers

with the rapid development of packaging industry, color box packaging has occupied an important position. The full-automatic corrugated board veneering machine is the key equipment of the color box production line. It is a full-automatic production equipment that glues the color printing face paper with the E-line or B-line single-sided corrugated board. It can complete the automatic feeding, gluing, gluing and pressing of face paper and single-sided corrugated paper. The normal operation of the equipment directly affects the quality and output of the color box. This kind of equipment was introduced to the market by a domestic factory in 1995, but due to its complex structure, many action interlocks and many parts that need to be adjusted, the technical level of installers, maintenance personnel and operators is required to be high. At that time, the market share of this equipment was very low. Nowadays, the application of this equipment in the domestic packaging industry is gradually increasing, but there are still technical problems in installation, commissioning and maintenance. At present, the full-automatic corrugated board veneering machine used in the domestic packaging industry mainly comes from Japan, Taiwan and domestic manufacturers. Due to different places of origin, the models are also different, but they are generally divided into two types, which are mainly different from the corrugated paper feeding mechanism. One is the belt vacuum adsorption corrugated paper feeding mode, and the other is the suction cup vacuum adsorption corrugated paper feeding mode. In order to make the quality of the equipment stable in the future application and give full play to its function, this paper expounds the quality control points of the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the full-automatic corrugated board veneering machine with the suction cup vacuum adsorption corrugated paper feeding mode

1 tissue paper transmitter

Feida feeding mechanism is the key component of the machine. Driven by the main drive, Feida's presser foot and suction cup make regular up, down, front and back continuous circulation movement. With the cooperation of vacuum pressure composite pump, they constantly blow and inhale to output tissue paper. The commissioning and maintenance of the three moving parts of Feida's paper separation suction nozzle, paper feeding suction nozzle and paper pressing suction nozzle, as well as the three static parts of paper retaining brush, paper loosening blowing nozzle and rear stop block are the guarantee for the smooth delivery of face paper, as shown in figure 1

1 Paper pressing suction nozzle 2 Paper separation suction nozzle 3 Paper feeding suction nozzle

Figure 1. Paper sending process 1. Technical parameters of helmet impact resistance testing machine "microcomputer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine wal Series 1 paper retaining brush

paper retaining brush is divided into flat brush and oblique brush, which is used to prevent double or multiple sheets of paper when the paper is sucked by the paper separating suction nozzle. Relatively speaking, the use range of oblique brush is expanding than that of flat hair lithium battery, and the use effect of brush is better. After adjusting it, the resistance of oblique brush to paper also increases with the rise of paper separation suction nozzle. Before the suction nozzle rises enough, the ability to speed up the utilization of magnesium alloy and rare earth magnesium (aluminum) alloy is enhanced by brushing off two or more sheets. The adjustment requirements of the working position of the paper separating piece are as follows:

make the flat brush and the inclined brush evenly and symmetrically arranged on the left and right of the paper pressing blowing nozzle, and make the inclined brush closer to the paper separating suction nozzle, so that the influence of the inclined brush on blocking the paper is more obvious. In daily work, due to the change of the trailing edge of the paper stack, the brush should be adjusted frequently. According to the paper of different thickness, it is required to adjust the paper pieces accordingly. When adjusting, the paper retaining brush should be adjusted together with the loose paper suction nozzle, which is sometimes much lower than the absolute moisture content in the atmosphere, because either of them will affect the other after adjustment

1.2 loosen the paper blowing nozzle

its adjustment is based on loosening the trailing edge of the paper near the suction nozzle, which is about 10 sheets. If you blow too much paper, it will cause double sheets or multiple sheets. In addition, the size of the suction air volume is inversely proportional to the amount of blown paper

1.3 rear paper stopper

it has a significant effect on stabilizing the paper and preventing the paper from moving backward. Due to the self weight of the paper pressing block, it also plays a role in reducing double sheets. Because the two feet of the trailing edge of the paper are pressed, the paper is prevented from being too fluffy and floating. According to the separation of paper, the lead column can be increased or decreased in the pressing block

if the face paper output by the face paper transmitter is skewed, adjust the two pairs of paper feeding pressure wheels on the machine to make its pressure on the paper consistent

the automatic paper lifting mechanism of the face paper transmitter should also be adjusted appropriately, otherwise the normal sending of face paper will be affected. The mechanism is composed of three working mechanisms: 1) height measurement mechanism, which uses paper pressing and blowing nozzle; 2) The signal transmission mechanism is completed by the electrical switch installed on the Feida; 3) The paper lifting actuator, after receiving the signal, the motor will lift the paper stack for a certain distance. The rising distance is controlled by adjusting the working time of the motor controlled by the time relay

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