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Abstract: we should treat modern packaging design as a cultural form. From the three levels of cultural structure, we can see that the structure of packaging design culture is composed of a variety of material layers. The three are related to each other. The packaging design culture has both nationality and modernity, which are reflected in different levels of cultural structure. Together, it constitutes the whole of packaging design culture. The color of packaging is the content we care about and plays a particularly important role. Make commodities have visual characteristics that are significantly different from other products, which will guide consumption

key words: cultural form of packaging design packaging pattern design packaging color design

Product packaging, as an important part of commodities, is widely used in life and production. As early as 3000 BC, Egyptians began to melt and blow primitive glass bottles by hand to contain goods. At the same time, Egyptians made a kind of primitive paper from the pith of papyrus for packaging goods. In 105 ad, Cailun invented papermaking, and paper was used to make labels in China. In the development of human history, packaging design has promoted the continuous development of human civilization. Up to now, packaging is not only on the level of protecting commodities, but also has brought visual pleasure and psychological enjoyment of the perfect combination of art and technology to mankind

as a modern packaging designer, we should give packaging new design concepts, understand society, enterprises, commodities, consumers, and make accurate design positioning. The positioning idea of packaging design is a design guideline with strategic vision. Without positioning, there will be no purpose, pertinence, no target audience, and the goods will not be sold, which will lose the significance of the new era of packaging design. Only by following the design law can we make a design suitable for the development needs of the times

first, modern packaging design is a cultural form

packaging design culture has both nationality and modernity, which are reflected in different levels of cultural structure. Modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, based on life and guided by modernity. Therefore, whether in theory or in practice, we should treat packaging design as a cultural form: in modern society, the research of design theory is not only an in-depth analysis of a discipline, but also an overview of the intersection of multiple disciplines. Viewing packaging design activities as a cultural phenomenon is not only the satisfaction of simple material functions and spiritual needs, but also the connotation that modern designers must explore. The material layer of packaging design culture is the most active factor, which changes actively and exchanges conveniently and frequently. At the same time, foreign advanced science, culture and technology, The infiltration of products is playing a leading role in this cultural shock; In the market, product packaging has been updated and emerging one after another. The organizational system level is the most authoritative factor, which stipulates the overall nature of packaging design culture, is an important link to maintain the inter group relationship of design, and is also the guarantee of scientific and effective implementation of packaging design, but the sign of paper shortage is not obvious. This level is composed of a set of internal criteria system, which becomes the criterion for packaging designers to engage in design activities. Different design concepts will bring different behavior patterns and social results. Recognizing the new requirements imposed by the new environment and mastering new ideas, new concepts and new means that meet such new requirements are the new height of design concepts

the elements of packaging culture spread in time and space and exist in a certain space, that is, the necessity related to the same social group, resulting in the nationality of packaging design culture. Because culture exists in a certain period of time, that is, the necessity related to a certain social and historical changes, resulting in the modernity and nationality of packaging design culture, the nationality of packaging design culture, involving the genesis of culture, Just because the cultures of the world do not come from the same source, there must be a problem of nationality. Therefore, it is inevitable to form a distinctive national culture. The nationality of packaging design culture is mainly reflected in the conceptual level of the cultural structure of packaging design, which reflects the psychological commonness of the whole nation. Different cultural concepts caused by different nationalities and different environments are directly or indirectly reflected in their own design activities and products due to the fixed connection mode. For example, the scientific, logical, rigorous and rational modeling style of German design, the novel, dexterous, light, exquisite and human characteristics of Japan, and the romantic style of Italian design are all born in the atmosphere of their cultural concepts of different nationalities; Another example is the smoothness and completeness of Chinese packaging design style and the integrity and symmetry of form, which are also the reflection of the introverted psychological characteristics and relatively conservative social consciousness of our people

packaging design culture is both national and contemporary. Packaging design culture has its epochal nature, which is mainly reflected in the organizational system and material outer layer of packaging design culture. But design follows the times and focuses on ideas. Today, with the economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the subjective form of society has changed fundamentally. Different times have their own standards, and we cannot regard today's or yesterday's as the absolute and only standard. For the evaluation of historical design culture, we must know that the packaging design culture has its absolute content, has its own concept system, has its own historical development state, and has the brand of this era when connecting the power supply, so it also has the limitations of the times. Without these understandings, we cannot have a comprehensive grasp of the epochal nature of the packaging design culture

the packaging design culture of each nation forms a design culture system, and the packaging design culture of each nation in a certain era also forms its own cultural system. Different packaging design cultural systems contain some common cultural factors, as well as some different cultural elements. The former shows the universality of packaging design culture, and the latter shows the particularity of packaging design culture

second, I understand the cultural concept of packaging design, and now I will explain the pattern and color design of packaging design.

the configuration of commodity pictures, words and backgrounds in packaging patterns must be centered on attracting customers' attention and directly promoting the brand. The stimulation of packaging patterns to customers is more specific, stronger and more persuasive than brand names, and is often accompanied by immediate purchase behavior. The general principles of its design are:

1. The form and content should be the same as the inside, specific and distinct. You can know the commodity itself at the first sight of the packaging

2. Fully display the goods. This mainly adopts two ways: one is to use vivid color photos to truly reproduce the goods. This is the most popular in food packaging, such as chocolate, candy, canned food, etc. lifelike color photos show the color, taste and shape to make people salivate; The second is to directly display the goods themselves. Transparent packaging and skylight opening packaging are very popular in food, textiles and light industrial products

3. There should be specific and detailed written instructions. There are also specific instructions about the raw materials, preparation, efficacy, use and maintenance of the product on the packaging pattern, and concise schematic diagrams should be provided when necessary

4. Emphasize the image color of goods. Not only the transparent packaging or color photos are used to fully show the solid color of the goods, but also the image hues that reflect large categories of goods are used to quickly determine the content of the packaging by color. For example, Marlboro cigarette case adopts dark red on the upper body and pure white on the lower body. The color matching is eye-catching and prominent, which reminds people of the masculinity of Western cowboys. The top of the cigarette box is decorated with the logo of the gilded Philip Morris Company: two horses guard a golden crown, plus the black Marlboro trademark, which makes people feel that Marlboro is extraordinary

5, "Shimen family" packaging should focus on the main exhibition area of packaging. All goods produced by an enterprise or with the same brand trademark, regardless of variety, specification, package size, shape, Package Modeling and pattern design, adopt the same pattern, or even the same color tone, giving a unified impression, so that customers can know the brand of the product at a glance

6. Pay attention to efficacy design. The function design in the packaging pattern is mainly reflected in the following aspects: ① protective performance design, including moisture-proof, mold proof, moth proof, shock proof, leak proof, shatterproof, extrusion proof, etc. ② Convenient performance design, including convenient store display and sales; Convenient for customers to carry, use, etc. ③ Promote performance design, that is, without the introduction or demonstration of the salesperson, customers can understand the goods and decide to buy only by "self introduction" of the packaging picture

the design method of packaging pattern requires consumers to be impressed by its simple lines, vivid personality characters, and reasonable colors. Take the Royal Salute 21 in Scotch Whisky as an example. The wine is carefully brewed for 21 years. It is packaged in blue, red and Green Palace refined porcelain bottles. The bottle is engraved with the image of the knight of the round table holding a sword and straddling a horse. There are two salutes on the brand trademark pattern, and it is equipped with the identification certificate of 21 years of wine age issued by the Scottish whisky Association. The whole package looks elegant and rich. So that some people carefully collect the wine bottle after drinking

III. packaging color design

color plays a particularly important role in packaging design. In the highly competitive commodity market, it is inseparable from the design and application of color to make commodities have visual characteristics that are significantly different from other products, more attractive to attract consumers, stimulate and guide consumption, and enhance people's memory of the brand

Japanese color expert dazhihao has done in-depth research on the color design of packaging. In his book "Fundamentals of color design", he once put forward the following eight requirements for the color design of bag cultivation:

1. Whether the packaging color can be clearly identified in competitive goods

2. Whether it is a good symbol of commodity content

3. Whether the color is harmonious and unified with other design factors to effectively represent the quality and weight of goods

4. Whether it is accepted by the commodity purchasing class

5. Whether it has high visibility and can set off the text well

6. How about the effect of a single package and the stacking effect of multiple packages

7. Whether colors are full of vitality in different markets and display environments

8. Whether the color of goods is not limited by color management and printing, and the effect is the same

these requirements are undoubtedly practical in the practice of color design of commodity packaging. With the diversification of consumer demand and the subdivision of commodity market, the requirements for brand packaging design are becoming more and more strict and meticulous. In order to more accurately grasp the different requirements of different kinds of commodity packaging color design, such as high-end perfume, soap and female clothing accessories in cosmetics; For men, such as cigarettes, alcohol, high-end candy, chocolate, exotic expensive special

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