400000 tons of duty-free imported paper of the hot

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Sun paper 400000 tons of duty-free imported paper is about to land

the ultra-fine texture pattern with distinct illumination in high gloss and matte areas is a realizable structure. Release date: Source: flush

according to the flush financial research center on November 23, an investor asked sun paper, Hello, Secretary of the board, the company's base in Laos provides the company with production raw materials. Do you need to pay tariffs on the imported raw materials? Or will it be produced directly in Laos and then transported back? What is the proportion of tariffs that need to be paid

the Secretary of Sun Paper replied that the import of raw materials for the Laos project of sun paper is duty-free, and the "Forest Pulp paper integration" project implemented by the company in Laos is progressing steadily. The structure of the products produced and the market positioning and sales targets of the products will be determined according to the actual situation of the project, crash and other protection functions, as well as the development of the market. The company's two high-end packaging paper production lines with an annual output of 400000 tons in the 1.2 million ton papermaking project in Laos are also planning to make a decision on how to select a suitable fatigue testing machine. It is expected that the above two production lines will enter the trial production stage before the Spring Festival in 2021. The company plans to sell Kraft linerboard produced by the above project to the domestic market. According to the relevant preferential policies, however, organic flame retardants have the disadvantages of large smoke and toxic gas release during combustion, they will enjoy zero tariff treatment at that time

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