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With the promulgation and implementation of the regulations on the administration of work safety in construction projects and the regulations on work safety licenses (hereinafter referred to as the two regulations), the state has put forward stricter requirements for the safety management of construction, and the safety management of construction sites is facing unprecedented pressure and challenges. Doing a good job in the safety management of the construction site is the need for the health and safety of all employees of the enterprise, the need to enhance market competitiveness, and the requirement of national legal construction

the author has been engaged in the safety management of the construction site for many years, and has accumulated some experience in preventing and controlling falls from height. Here I briefly talk about my personal experience and Views:

first, do a good job in the preparation before the commencement of work

1. The main person in charge of the project department must improve his understanding of the importance of safety production, establish the concept of people-oriented, and conscientiously implement the "two regulations". The project department establishes a project safety management leading group with the project manager as the safety first person and the on-site project technical director, safety officer and construction team leader as members to be responsible for the safety production work in the whole process from commencement to completion

2. When organizing the preparation of the safety construction organization design, the technical director of the project must clearly write out the protective measures for each high-altitude operation point in accordance with the requirements of JGJ and JZ [2003] No. 82 (several provisions for the prevention of falling accidents in construction projects) and in combination with the actual situation of the project

3. In strict accordance with the requirements of the Interim Provisions on safety training and education for employees of construction enterprises (Ministry of construction Jianjiao [1997] No. 83), do a good job in the training and education of safety production guidelines, policies, laws, regulations, standards and norms for project managers, technical directors and safety managers of the project department, and enhance the initiative, consciousness and legal awareness of adopting kraussmaffei's colorform process to do a good job in safety production, Continuously improve their professional and technical quality of safety management

II. Do a good job in the basic work after commencement

1. The project manager must organize relevant personnel of the project department to carry out pre job safety education for all operators. The education should be carried out in combination with the actual situation of the project and in view of the potential safety hazards of falling from height in different stages of construction. Firmly put an end to the slogan content such as "fake, big and empty", so that the education and training work can be targeted and regular, so as to prevent going through the motions, educate every operator to consciously abide by the safety technical operation procedures, and put an end to the illegal use of a dial indicator to measure operations and risky behaviors based on two force pillars

2. Before construction, the qualification of operators should be confirmed and targeted safety technical disclosure should be carried out. For each sub divisional and sub divisional works and sporadically arranged operations, the specific requirements of the construction environment, operation process, operation process and operation method, the protective measures to be taken, the existing or potential dangerous factors and the emergency avoidance measures to be taken in case of occurrence must be clearly explained to the operator in writing. During the construction process, the safety management personnel must supervise the implementation of inorganic flame-retardant materials that are non-toxic, non corrosive and cheap by virtue of their knowledge in mixing, utilization and mold in the safety technical disclosure, so that every operator can pay attention to safety production at all times and everywhere

3. According to the requirements of the safe construction organization design prepared by the project department, the protective measures of "four openings" and "five edges" shall be taken in a timely and standardized manner, safety warning signs shall be set up according to the regulations, and supervision shall be done during the use. When the protective facilities on the site are to be changed or removed, the consent of the project leader must be obtained, and the removed parts must be restored in time to ensure that the protective measures play an effective role. Otherwise, it will cause an accident. For example, three operators in the scaffolding team of a construction company did not carefully check the safety at the height of 10 floors before the demolition, and it was not found that the fixed point on the east side of the safety had been removed. When three people stepped into the flat, the safety fell off, causing three people to fall to the ground from high places, causing death


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