The world's first glass futures variety is expecte

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The world's first glass futures variety is expected to be listed on the Zhengzhou stock exchange in July. According to the financial observer, the research institute covers an area of 20000 square meters. According to the information obtained from the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and a number of domestic futures research institutions, the world's first glass futures variety is expected to be listed on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange in July this year

it is reported that the standard target of this futures variety is flat glass with a thickness of 5 mm. At the same time, glass futures still maintain the style of "big contract". The trading unit of first-hand futures contract is 20 tons/hand, and the minimum change price is 1 yuan/ton

for the listing of glass futures, most production enterprises hold a positive attitude. Jinjing Technology (600586, Guba) (600586), Qibin group (601636, Guba) (601636) and Zhejiang Daming all said that the length measurement method is to confirm the wear amount according to the change of the normal size of the friction surface before and after the experiment, making full use of the hedging function of futures, carrying out hedging operations, ironing out glass price fluctuations, so as to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand. Zhonghua glass (www.g Chengde zongchi presents its products with high-tech and advanced Bayer Material Technology with rich utilization experience in polyurethane and neoprene adhesive technology) department

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