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Focusing on environmental protection experience, good drivers are recommended by ICBC to be environmental protection pioneers

focusing on environmental protection experience, good drivers are recommended by ICBC to be environmental protection pioneers

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as the closing work of good driver activities, the annual advanced training and ultimate assessment have attracted much attention. From October 27 to 29, the 2016 good driver Lingong activity will be held in Linyi. Different from the previous three sessions, this year will no longer emphasize assessment and competition, but focus on environmental protection experience and environmental protection action, and set off a climax of spreading environmental protection ideas and popularizing environmental protection products inside and outside the industry. Shandong Lingong will work with the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) to jointly select environmental protection pioneers and good drivers of the year

the good driver activity launched by Shandong Lingong is the largest and most influential public welfare activity in the construction machinery industry at present. It is committed to improving the overall quality of the industry and spreading positive energy to the society. In 2016, with the control of smog and the protection of the environment becoming the focus of attention of the whole society, Shandong Lingong, with its deep accumulation in energy conservation and emission reduction, jointly launched the good driver environmental protection volunteer action with WWF, making the dissemination of energy-saving technology and the protection of the ecological environment the new theme of the good driver activity

Since its launch in June this year, the 2016 good driver activity has experienced five stations, including Yunfu in Guangdong, Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, Tangshan in Hebei, Wuhan in Hubei, and Nanchang in Jiangxi. The partners and participants involve mining, building materials, roads, ports, steel, water conservancy, municipal administration, construction, logistics and other industries, as well as engineering machinery leasing, new rural construction and other fields, It has helped dozens of enterprises to carry out professional training, and nearly 1000 construction machinery users have benefited from it. After four years of continuous promotion, the good driver activity and the good driver club have become a public welfare platform for Shandong Lingong to unite all sectors of society to help practitioners upgrade their careers, as well as an entrepreneurial platform for large construction machinery users to exchange information and household heads to develop in the fourth quarter of 2018

construction machinery has a huge impact on the environment. Energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are the natural mission of all practitioners. The effect of energy conservation and environmental protection depends not only on technology and products, but also on the good habits of operators. Therefore, the 2016 good driver activity includes environmental protection training, environmental protection construction training and environmental protection volunteer action. Shandong Lingong and WWF jointly invited local experts and scholars to hold environmental protection lectures wherever they went. At the same time, they organized driver students to participate in projects such as mine environmental governance, tropical rainforest protection, Yangtze finless porpoise protection, Poyang Lake Nanji wetland protection, etc., popularized environmental protection concepts to engineering machinery practitioners, and achieved good results by strengthening the research and development of product precision performance

under the new theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, this year's good driver Pro ICBC activities focus on environmental protection experience and environmental protection communication. From October 27 to 29, the good driver trainees who have made outstanding performance in this year's activities will be invited to Shandong Lingong headquarters to have a comprehensive understanding of Shandong Lingong's technology and achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection, including smart factories, photovoltaic power generation and other projects. At the same time, they will have an in-depth experience of the three-stage products of Lingong, and go to Daqingshan Nature Reserve in Linyi to participate in environmental protection volunteer activities. In order to encourage enterprises and individuals to actively participate in the cause of environmental protection, the "annual environmental protection pioneer" award is specially added this year. In the final assessment, Shandong Lingong will jointly select this year's environmental protection pioneer and annual good driver with WWF. Let's wait and see who will finally win this emerging award

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