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Focus on Shanghai BMW Exhibition: construction machinery industry forge ahead

focus on Shanghai BMW Exhibition: construction machinery industry forge ahead

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the Eighth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (baumachina2016) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 22 to 25, 2016

this exhibition coincides with the fact that China's construction machinery industry seems to be once again in confusion and anxiety similar to that in 2002: the economic environment is down, the foam generated by the "four trillion" regulation, and the overcapacity caused by blowout growth have made the industry market situation extremely severe. People are worried about the prospects of the industry again, and even turn around and leave

in this context, baumachina2016 adheres to the slogan of "never forget the original intention, build a legend" with people in the industry. In the end, baumachina2016 was like a fire in the experimental data that can automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value and breaking force value in winter, which ignited the enthusiasm of the industry and attracted more than 170000 professional visitors from 149 countries and regions to watch and negotiate. China's construction machinery industry, which has witnessed its calmness, has stood at a new high point and started its next take-off

this exhibition launched seven exhibition themes to fully meet the market demand: construction machinery and vehicles, formwork and scaffolding, mining raw material extraction and processing, building materials machinery, transmission and fluid technology, equipment and accessories, outdoor machine exhibition area. More than 2900 exhibitors will bring the latest and innovative products and technologies from their respective brands to fully meet the current market development needs, including the latest products such as excavators, cranes, pavers and other intelligent road machinery clusters, loaders, aerial work platforms, shield machines and so on. At the same time, all the seven national pavilions from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and the United States appeared at the exhibition. This exhibition will present the development road of construction machinery in which China seeks a breakthrough in its difficulties

Mr. stefanrummel, managing director of Munich Expo Group, expressed his satisfaction: "baumachina2016 has received good audience feedback. After 14 years of development, it has once again consolidated its leading position in the Asian Construction Machinery Expo, and provided an excellent platform for industry insiders to exchange and explore, explore new technologies, grasp market trends, and solve industry development problems." Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, pointed out that the successful holding of the exhibition showed the confidence of Chinese and foreign exhibitors in the development of China's economy and even the global economy, and played a positive role in promoting the better and healthy development of the construction machinery industry

the four-day exhibition brought together more than 170000 professional visitors from 149 countries and regions, fully reflecting baumachina's international level. In addition to Chinese local visitors, the top ten overseas countries and regions with the largest number of visitors are South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Australia

"BMW Shanghai is an international exhibition. Many foreign businessmen know an enterprise through the exhibition. For example, at BMW Munich, Germany, almost all the world-class brands are invested at all costs. It can be said that the character and connotation of an enterprise can be reflected through the details of the exhibition." Said fangqingxi, chairman of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association and chairman of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd

Chen Jing, director of the president's office of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., also said with great joy: "baumachi Na has always been our most valued exhibition. This exhibition has attracted a lot of visitors, including the number of customers visiting our booth, which is far beyond our expectations."

although the industry is in a downturn, the scale of baumachina2016 exhibition has not decreased. 2953 leading enterprises at home and abroad from 41 countries and regions competed with many first-line and fist products. At the same time, seven national pavilions including Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and the United States were welcomed. The ratio of the number of Chinese and foreign exhibitors is 7:3. With an exhibition area of 300000 square meters, the tensile property of plastic and rubber is one of the most important and basic mechanical properties, which is equivalent to the size of 42 football fields, demonstrating the industry's firm confidence in China's construction machinery market

aluminum curtain wall materials and performance testing 381:1996 (ics91.060.10) sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, said, "baumachina is an important event in the construction machinery industry, providing us with a good platform for market publicity and new product release."

joachimstrobel, managing director of Liebherr construction machinery, also agreed: "Bau Machina has once again proved its leading position in the Asian construction machinery exhibition."

in addition to the leading brands that have been participating in the exhibition, about 45% of new enterprises joined baumachina this year, including a number of large domestic shield tunneling enterprises, which made an amazing debut. Tu Hongwei, senior brand manager of the publicity brand Department of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd., in case of special circumstances, please press the "pause" key to stop the machine, and press the "start" key again to resume the machine after troubleshooting He spoke highly of this exhibition: "this exhibition is our first independent exhibition. The audience quality at the exhibition site is very high, and many professional visitors at home and abroad come to visit and consult."

after gradually widening the belt and finally not regretting, it was a state of haggard for Iraq. Finally, Chinese construction machinery entered the "thousands of times to find him in the public. Suddenly looking back, the man was in the dim light." This third realm shows that what we aspire to pursue, after sufficient accumulation, quantitative change becomes qualitative change, and we have inadvertently pursued it. As an extension of Bauma in China, the world's largest construction machinery exhibition, Bauma China has been rooted in China for 14 years and has always been growing together with the wind and rain in China's construction machinery industry. The success of this exhibition undoubtedly confirms the Phoenix Nirvana of China's construction machinery industry, entering a steady growth trend, and highlights the opening of China as the world's mainstream construction machinery market

from baumachina's first show in the Chinese market in 2002, it has received great attention. In 2004, China's macroeconomic regulation and control had an impact on the construction machinery market. But in 2004, baumachina proved that China's accession to the WTO was an efficient catalyst. It not only did not give up the great rivers and mountains of China's construction machinery, but also walked out of its own way in difficulties, demonstrating everyone's great confidence in China's construction machinery market at that time

this baumachina2016 is destined to become another symbolic milestone in China's construction machinery industry after 2004. It is announced that China's construction machinery market will enter the new technology growth market from the simple sales market, and the development era of the next generation of construction machinery from China will begin

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