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Focus on the construction machinery industry: "pain" is still in hope

focus on the construction machinery industry: "pain" is still in hope

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recently, the annual central economic work conference was held in Beijing. As the conference will outline the framework for economic development in the coming year, it is also referred to as "the last major event of China this year". 2015 is the closing year for the full completion of the 12th Five Year Plan. This meeting proposed that we should actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, keep the economic operation within a reasonable range, and clarify the general tone of adhering to the work of seeking progress in stability. Let's wait and see what impact this will have on the construction machinery industry in the "labor pains"

in 2014, the construction machinery industry is not going to be easy. Overcapacity and the overall decline of the Chinese market undoubtedly have a great impact on construction machinery enterprises. Overcapacity is no longer a new topic for China's construction machinery industry. As early as 2004, relevant state departments emphasized structural adjustment and curbing overcapacity. At the same time, the corresponding background was the high-speed growth of GDP at that time, which was about 10% year-on-year. The year-on-year growth rate of GDP next year is expected to be only about 7%, so where is the hope of the construction machinery industry

industry 4.0 is an opportunity

the focus of the concept of industry 4.0 proposed by Germany is to combine information interconnection technology with traditional industrial manufacturing. In the future production process, it will not only be the communication between people, but also the digital interconnection between machines for information exchange. According to the estimation of the German National Academy of science and engineering, industry 4.0 can improve the production efficiency of enterprises by 30%

industry 4.0 is mainly composed of two themes, namely, intelligent factory manufacturing and intelligent production. It will make the factory more intelligent in the production and processing process, the process more reasonable, and the working area will also undergo modular reform; It involves the production logistics management of the whole enterprise, human-computer interaction and the application of 3D technology in industrial production process. Industry 4.0 will pay special attention to attracting the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to make small and medium-sized enterprises become users and beneficiaries of the new generation of intelligent production technology. The temperature should be controlled at about 30 ℃, and they will also become creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technology

as an intelligent chemical plant with the theme of industry 4.0, the background of its emergence is exactly the same as the dilemma faced by China at present: scarce resources, energy transformation and employee age structure change. The way of its reform lies in the integration of production process and information technology, product personalization and humanization of production, and puts forward Luo production mode and Luo chemical plant. This should enlighten and attract attention to China's construction machinery industry. Some experts believe that there is still a gap between China's traditional industrial manufacturing and the world's advanced manufacturing industry, but China has a better foundation in information and communication technology. Industry 4.0 provides a better opportunity for China's construction machinery industry to catch up

the cycle of interest rate reduction is positive

recently, the central bank announced that it would reduce the benchmark interest rate of RMB loans of financial institutions. The benchmark interest rate of one-year loans fell by 0.4 percentage points, and the one-year deposit interest rate fell by 0.25 percentage points, while promoting the market-oriented reform of interest rates. When the interest rate cut cycle starts, the financial cost of enterprises may be reduced, and the balance sheet effect should also be improved

some industry experts believe that this round of interest rate reduction indicates that in the future, with the opening of the channel of interest rate reduction, the risk control of major enterprises will be enhanced, and the risk exposure of enterprise credit sales will continue to shrink after long-term trouble free operation, which will help listed companies with high debt ratio reduce financial costs and improve profitability; It is expected that in the future, the downstream real estate and infrastructure investment will rebound, the increase of construction projects will lead to the increase of the utilization rate of social stock equipment, the capital chain on the real estate infrastructure chain will begin to loosen, the sales collection will improve, the proportion of bad debt accrual will decrease, the asset side of listed enterprises will gradually improve, and the balance sheet effect will continue to appear

the construction machinery industry has experienced several adjustments, the risks have gradually cleared up, and the enterprise's sales risk exposure has narrowed. Since the peak of industry sales in 2011, the construction machinery industry has experienced more than three consecutive years of adjustment cycle. In the past four years, the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, including the "1025" development plan for the new material industry, which is being prepared by the factory, has made it clear that the development and popularization of high-end materials promote the sales of merchants, dealers and end customers, the demand is relatively more rational, the excess capacity of the industry is gradually removed, and the industrial risk exposure will be significantly narrowed in the future

"the the Belt and Road" is an opportunity

"the the Belt and Road" strategy was put forward in 2013. Once put forward, it has received strong attention from all walks of life and has been discussed in succession. The so-called "the Belt and Road" refers to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st century Maritime Silk Road". Among them, the "belt and road" starts from China, passes through Central Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Europe, and finally reaches the end of Western Europe; The "road" connects a series of countries and regions in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the South Asian subcontinent, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and so on

in view of the current unsatisfactory situation in the domestic market, some enterprises have turned their attention to overseas. The proposal of the "the Belt and Road" economic strategy is undoubtedly a major positive for domestic enterprises that are in a downturn. This is the national level to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry to the world through the construction of the environment and the promotion of policies

not long ago, China Railway Construction announced that its subsidiary China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and the Federal Ministry of transport of Nigeria signed a commercial contract for the Nigerian coastal railway project, equivalent to about 73.516 billion yuan. This is also the project with the largest single contract amount in the history of China's foreign engineering contracting. Judging from the operation of CSCEC and PowerChina in the first 10 months disclosed recently, the amount of overseas orders signed by these companies also increased significantly year-on-year

CCCC is the largest international engineering contractor in China. In terms of the specific project types of new contracts signed for the company's infrastructure construction business in the first half of this year, new contracts signed for railway construction and overseas projects increased significantly compared with the same period last year. The company's overseas revenue increased from 21.932 billion yuan in 2009 to 56.394 billion yuan in 2013, accounting for 17.05% from 9.7%, with an average annual growth rate of 1.8%. From January to June 2014, the company's overseas new orders accounted for 24.64%

this environment also provides a good opportunity and policy support for the construction machinery industry. Relevant enterprises should seize and make good use of this opportunity, give full play to their own advantages, and create conditions and buy time for the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the going global of Chinese machinery and equipment enterprises

for the industry, the current market situation is that too many wedge belts and synchronous belts carry out fatigue life experiments to achieve disorderly and brutal growth. In the period of ultra-high speed development, many deep-seated problems of enterprises are covered up, and the expanding production capacity brings great challenges to enterprise management. Many enterprises have problems in product quality control, new product development and corporate culture construction

this in-depth adjustment is an opportunity to solve many problems caused by the ultra-high speed development in the past. It is in line with the law of economic development and is also necessary for the long-term development of the industry. At present, many blind entrants in the construction machinery industry are withdrawing, which is caused by the market law of survival of the fittest. The industry order is gradually standardized, and the development will be more rational. As Su Zimeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said, "the whole engineering industry has been in recession in the past two years. Construction machinery has temporarily encountered a 'labor pains', but it is still optimistic about its future development."

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