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HP 6L laser printer is one of the high-quality and practical printers widely used at present. Its output quality is excellent, the price is low, the failure is few, and the maintenance is relatively convenient. Especially in China and the United States, HP 6L laser printer is favored by many users. However, in the process of use, due to some reasons of operation technology, materials and the machine itself, some faults will inevitably occur. For example, there are many problems in paper feeding. Of course, many of these faults are caused by the problems of the paper itself and the improper use of the operator. Next, I will introduce several cases of paper feeding failures and troubleshooting methods, as well as the problems that should be paid attention to in operation

I. often feed multiple pages or paper jam

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hp6l laser printer. Multiple pages or paper jam often occurs in the printing process, making the printer work abnormally

the causes and troubleshooting of the above failures are as follows:

1. If the guide board is improperly adjusted, take the paper out of the input tray or sheet fed input slot, align the paper, and then re insert it. If it is a sheet of paper, re insert it into the slot. Slide the guide board so that it is next to both sides of the paper in the input tray or the edge of the paper in the single sheet input slot, so that the paper is placed in the middle. The guide board should be adjusted moderately, not too tight or too loose

2. multiple sheets of paper are added to the sheet fed input slot, and only one sheet of paper can be added to the sheet fed input slot at a time. If you print more than one piece of similar media, you should use the input tray

3. The input carton is too full. The input carton can accommodate 100 sheets of paper weighing 75g. The heavier the paper, the less it will be loaded. Or it can accommodate up to 10 envelopes, up to 10 in high humidity areas. If the input tray is too full, take out some paper appropriately

4. the cutting quality of the paper is poor and stuck together. Curl the paper into an inverted U shape to separate the paper, which can reduce the situation of sending multiple sheets of paper at one time, or turn the paper around so that the other end is sent to the printer first

5. The paper exceeds the capacity of the carton or front output slot, and more than 100 75g papers cannot be stored in the output carton. It is not allowed to stack multiple transparencies or multiple papers of other media in front of the front output slot

6. paper cannot meet the technical requirements of HP6L laser printer for printing media, so we should try to use qualified paper as much as possible, and do not use poor good and easy-looking tmemi ⑵ 00 paper that is too thin, too thick, uneven, and has too much paper powder. Due to its special structure and ultra-high activity, as well as waste paper that is bonded together after the paper is damped

II. Paper jam often occurs at a certain position

1. The cause of the fault is that the paper jam of the laser printer is related to the use of too thin or deformed printing paper after moisture. During the paper feeding process, the paper jam caused by paper deformation is not within the scope of printer failure. As long as you replace the standard printing paper, it can work normally. If the printing paper is always stuck in a certain position, and every printing occurs, it is regarded as a faulty paper jam. HP 6L laser printer, the fault paper jam mostly occurs in the following positions: ① the paper jam just entered the machine. ② The printing paper is fed into the paper feeding channel and jammed. ③ The print paper is jammed in the fuser. ④ The printing paper is jammed at the paper outlet

2. maintenance methods: ① when the printing paper just enters the machine, the paper jam is generally caused by the wear and slip of the paper take-up wheel, which makes the printing paper not delivered in place. If the wear is not serious, the fault can be eliminated after cleaning. It may occur again after using for a period of time. It is best to replace the new paper take-up wheel to completely solve this problem. ② The paper jam of the printing paper in the paper feeding channel is mostly caused by the erroneous removal of the paper jam after the first paper jam, so that the lever of the sensor ps203 cannot be automatically reset or broken. Disassemble the printer, repair or replace the lever. ③ The printing paper is jammed in the fuser, which is a common and difficult jam. This kind of paper jam is mostly caused by the use of qualified paper, such as the paper is too thin, curly, too wet, etc. in addition, this fault will occur due to the blockage of foreign matters in the fuser and the screw that presses the cover plate of the fuser too tight or too loose when disassembling the fuser. Generally, when the fuser is found to be jammed, stop the machine immediately, open the front cover plate, take out the powder box, or part of the paper has not been rolled into the fuser or part of the paper at the front end has been output to the fuser, then loosen the gear handle on the left side of the panel to separate the gear of the fuser from other gears, and then pull the exposed paper evenly with force and pull it out slowly. Note, Be sure to separate the fuser and other transmission gears before pulling the paper. The force should be even when pulling the paper. Otherwise, it is easy to break the paper, which makes troubleshooting difficult

if the whole sheet of paper is involved in the fuser (wrapped on the surface of the fuser hot roller or blocked in the hot roller in the shape of an accordion), do not use a sharp tool to scrape and clamp, so as not to damage the fuser hot roller. Only disassemble the machine and then take out the paper. The method of disassembling the machine is as follows: first open the front cover box and remove it (just press the insertion point at the left end a little), take out the powder box, loosen the three screws of the rear cover plate, gently pry the concealed cards in the two end holes on the upper part of the back of the machine with a small flat screwdriver, and remove the back cover plate. Remove the two casing fixing screws on the top of the machine and lift out the casing upward (there are also two concealed cards on the front unit on the right side at the bottom of the casing. Fix the casing on the base, and pull out the two concealed cards first when lifting out the casing). Remove the blank on the upper side of the fuser cover on the right side of the machine, loosen the two screws on the fuser cover (these two screws are on the side of the cover, which are used to fix the fuser hot roller cover on the base plate), remove the cover, and then take out the printing paper stuck inside. If the paper is clamped in the fuser hot roller, loosen the fixing screw of the metal pressing plate of the heater on the fuser, gently lift up the heating roller, and take out the printing paper stuck in the fuser. If you want to clean the fuser, loosen all the screws of the metal pressing plate, take away the metal pressing plate, and then remove the dirt on the fuser. Finally, restore the machine as it is. Pay attention when installing the screws of the metal pressing plate, and do not tighten or loosen them too much, so as not to cause poor paper walking and easy paper jam during future work. ④ The paper jam of the printing paper at the paper outlet may be caused by the contamination of the sensor PS201 window or the misoperation of clearing the paper jam

during the printing operation of the printer, the paper feeding speed and the position of the printing paper in the channel are strictly controlled. If the sensor at the next position cannot detect the presence of the printing paper within a certain time, it will immediately report the undetected signal to the main processor DC, and the processor will immediately send instructions to stop the main motor to protect the printer. At the same time, the error indicator light is on, indicating a failure. When removing the paper jam, it is generally necessary to remove it in the direction of paper feeding, and the printing paper cannot be pulled in the opposite direction, which will cause the deformation and fracture of the sensor lever, or leave the torn paper at a certain position inside the printer, blocking the channel. If such a fault occurs, you can only disassemble the printer to remove the paper jam, so as to completely eliminate the fault

III. after the printer accepts the print command, the printer does not feed paper, and the fault light is on

1. The cause of the fault is ① the paper take-up wheel slips. ② The paper take up wheel clutch has no action. ③ The paper sensor is contaminated or damaged

2. Maintenance method: the paper take up wheel of HP 6L printer is a cam shaped rubber wheel. There are many ripples parallel to the paper on the convex surface to increase friction. After the printer receives the print command, the main processor DC sends a drive signal (at this time, there is paper on the printer, and the "ready" light is on), the electromagnetic clutch is engaged, and the paper take up wheel positioning cam is released. The main motor rotates to drive the paper take up wheel to rotate for 1 week, and send a piece of printing paper to the position of the paper feed wheel. This process takes about 2.5s to complete. If the paper take-up wheel slips and cannot be completed within 2.5s, the paper sensor (ps203) at the lower part of the paper feed wheel in the channel cannot sense the existence of reliable paper of all devices, that is, it reports an error to the processor, the main motor stops rotating, and the error light is on. Cleaning the paper take up wheel can eliminate this fault. If the paper take-up wheel slips seriously, replace the paper take-up wheel. The electromagnetic clutch of the paper take up wheel has no action, and the positioning cam of the paper take up wheel cannot be released, so that the printing paper cannot be fed. Check the electromagnetic clutch. It is difficult to pull in the armature. The fault can be eliminated after cleaning the armature. When the printer loads paper, the paper sensor (PS202) bumps the sensor lever due to the gravity of the paper, and the "ready" light should be on. If it is not on, it may be the paper sensor window pollution. In addition, if the intermediate paper feed sensor (ps203) cannot sense the paper, it will also report an error signal, and the error indicator light will be on. In general, because the HP6L printer adopts the paper feeding mode, the end of the paper will inevitably fall into the printer. After a long time, the perspective window of the paper sensor will be blocked, the induction signal cannot be transmitted normally, and the printer cannot work normally. At this time, the printer should be disassembled to clean the photoelectric sensor, and the fault can be eliminated. (text/Lin Qishui)

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