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Focus on "smart Hanjiang" and feel the vitality of innovation

the most beautiful fireworks in March, customers come from all directions. Yesterday, Hanjiang in the most beautiful season welcomed a team of special guests, including nearly 40 media at home and abroad, including people's government, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, economy, Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui media group, Phoenix, China, international, etc., who jointly attended the Industrial Development Promotion Conference and project signing ceremony in our region, witnessing that Baibai focused on a level that is usually easily ignored - the centralized signing of the automotive materials billion project. Before the promotion meeting, in order to have a deeper understanding of Hanjiang, the media and their delegation visited the high-tech zone perfect daily chemical, Yangli group and shepherd group, felt the development vitality of Hanjiang enterprises on site, and touched the strong pulse of the construction of "smart Hanjiang"

feel the vitality of Han enterprise and touch the strong pulse of the construction of "smart Han River"

in the "smart workshop" of the perfect company, there are no busy figures and noisy voices, instead, there are slight sounds made by robots and equipment during operation. From batching, sub packaging to packaging, packing and other processes, all are completed by the "robot". "Up to now, about 80% of the company's 27 production lines have been automated, and the production capacity of the production lines has been increased by about 30% This large taxpayer in Hanjiang with a revenue of 610 million yuan in 2016 has opened the eyes of the media. "How many people used to be employed in a production line? How many people now?" "Can the quality be ensured by replacing key processes and important posts with machines?" With regard to the theme of intelligence, various media have raised questions one after another, recording the "perfect butterfly change" in the production workshop of this perfect company with great interest

equipment manufacturing is the leading industry in Hanjiang. How to revitalize the manufacturing industry is one of the hot spots of the whole society. At the second stop of the media store, Yang Li group showed you the transformation of domestic forging machine leaders. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, Yangli group attaches great importance to technological innovation, takes the "116" project as an important platform for industrial structure adjustment and product transformation and upgrading, deeply promotes product and technological innovation, and becomes a powerful engine for the innovation and development of molding machine tools in China. With an annual sales volume of 3 billion yuan, the group has entered the forefront of the national industry for seven consecutive years. As one of the typical representatives of "Hanjiang intelligent manufacturing", Yang Li group has left a great shock to the media. Almost all domestic manufacturers of auto 5.7 start-up and landing or emergency stop button cars use forging equipment from Hanjiang Yanli, including the 3-Series and 5-series of BMW joint ventures, which have low capital and energy costs. "Clearly judge the development of the manufacturing industry, make a smooth transition in the transition period, and step into the 'circle of friends' of the world's top enterprises. The lifting experience is worth summarizing and promoting."

the last stop of the media delegation came to the

sheep group, which is the first in Asia and the second in the world in the field of machinery. It focused on the enterprise innovation management, the process of globalization and the company's intelligent feed processing complete equipment production line, especially the company's scientific and technological innovation, talent training, transformation and upgrading of the trinity of industrial pattern, which provided rich materials for the media's "intelligent creation of Hanjiang". "We look forward to Hanjiang's shepherd achieving the goal of being the world's first brand in the field of feed machinery in the future, and we also hope that shepherd will lead Chinese private brands to compete in the world market!"

the Hanjiang path of revitalizing the manufacturing industry has been frequently praised. The Hanjiang experience is worth promoting nationwide.

although the journey is not long, the three enterprises in the region concentrate on the fruitful achievements of the construction of "smart Hanjiang". In the critical period of economic transformation, there are many difficulties in the real economy, and the development of manufacturing industry is facing major opportunities, the construction of "Hanjiang intelligent manufacturing" meets the requirements of "starting from manufacturing, but also relying on manufacturing to move towards the future", and clarifies the path for Hanjiang manufacturing innovation and transformation

"the most intuitive feeling is that Hanjiang manufacturing is integrated into the 'brain' to make thinking manufacturing." Li Yuan from Xinhua told that through the big data platform and network terminal, the manufacturing system of Yangli group realizes the standardization and programming of the manufacturing process of machine tools such as forging machine tools, as well as the accuracy of product technology and technical quality, which has become a major breakthrough in the industry. The "thinking" machine tool industry has become the industrial landmark of Hanjiang

Yu Hai of Jiangsu Satellite TV was also impressed. "Li Qiang, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, explained that one of the ways to transform and upgrade Jiangsu manufacturing is to inject new technologies and new models, realize intelligent transformation, and let traditional manufacturing glow with new vitality. This coincides with 'Hanjiang intelligent manufacturing'." Yu Hai also made an in-depth interview with Yangli group to introduce Yangli's innovative practices to the whole province

during the visit, Meng Xianyu of China also frequently praised the achievements made in the process of Hanjiang's innovation and transformation. "First class enterprises set standards, second rate enterprises create brands, and third rate enterprises sell products. At a time of oversupply and intense market competition, competition among enterprises is more represented by standard competition." He pointed out that the settlement of the National Feed Machinery Standardization Technical Committee in Hanjiang shepherd reflects the position of Hanjiang enterprises in the industry. The output value of Hanjiang high-tech industry accounts for 52%. There are 127 national high-tech enterprises and 16 listed enterprises. With the development of new energy vehicles and the passage of time, Hanjiang has a good foundation, strong vitality and great potential at the district level

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