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Focus: hailunzhe has been listed for four years and achieved great changes through innovation

focus: hailunzhe has been listed for four years and achieved great changes through innovation

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on April 7, 2011, Xuzhou hailunzhe special Vehicle Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the gem, which is the first listed company in China's aerial work vehicle industry

in 1999, when helenzhe's parent company, Jiangsu Electromechanical Research Institute, decided to concentrate on the development of aerial work vehicles, she was still an unknown small enterprise. At the beginning of the establishment of helenzhe in 2005, the sales revenue of that year was about 50million yuan, ranking fifth in the market share of the domestic aerial work vehicle industry. Since the establishment of the joint stock company limited in April, 2009, helenzhe has become the provider of aerial work vehicle products and services with the highest technical level, the richest product structure and the largest product operation height in China

skillfully borrowed the money of listing and financing. In 2011, it first acquired Shanghai Liangji Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, realizing the company's first step into Shanghai; In 2012, helenzhe successfully acquired Shanghai granman international fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. and entered the field of medium and high-end fire engines; In 2014, the company used over raised funds to acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Ronghang polymer materials Co., Ltd. and use its assets to solve the worries of granman's no plant land. In June, 2014, the company began a new attempt of M & A by using the capital platform for the first time. It merged and reorganized Shenzhen Juneng Weiye Technology Co., Ltd., which has advanced technology and obvious competitive advantage in intelligent drive power supply; At the end of 2014, helenzhe signed a letter of intent with French gimaex company to invest 10million euros to increase the capital of French gimaex company, a high-end fire truck manufacturer. The two sides also plan to establish a joint venture in China to produce high-end fire truck products and officially launch the company's internationalization strategy

Ding Jianping, chairman of Xuzhou hailunzhe Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., told that in the four years since its listing, hailunzhe has opened up new spaces one by one: from the field of aerial work vehicles with less than 1billion yuan of development space, it has successively entered the field of fire engines with a large market of nearly 10 billion yuan, and the large market of intelligent drive power supply with a market capacity of 500 billion yuan

adhere to the leading technology to achieve contrarian growth

in May 2008, a bright yellow aerial work vehicle marked with "Xuzhou hailunzhe" shuttled around Beijing's Tiananmen Square. With the launch of the platform, seven or eight workers began to repair lanterns at a height of 9 meters. On the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, it was the help of this car that made the 253 lanterns in Tiananmen Square look new and colorful. And because of its advanced technology, it is called "the first car in China" by insiders

after listing, on the basis of promoting the development of China's aerial work vehicle industry and stabilizing the market share of aerial work vehicles, helenzhe company has deeply explored the needs of power customers and customized new products for them. Around this industry, the products developed by hailunzhe include: folding arm aerial work vehicle, intelligent telescopic arm aerial work vehicle, intelligent hybrid arm aerial work vehicle, insulated live aerial work vehicle, intelligent fully remote-controlled self-propelled aerial work platform, emergency mobile power vehicle, engineering repair vehicle, comprehensive buried pole work vehicle, vehicle mounted bypass live work equipment, etc

as a necessary equipment for live working, the vehicle mounted bypass live working complete equipment is mainly used in 10kV power distribution and live line maintenance in the power industry. This system is of great significance to improve the emergency response ability of the power industry to deal with natural disasters and electrical accidents, greatly improve the reliability of power supply, and ensure national and even military security and social and economic order

since 2012, affected by the global financial crisis, the demand of domestic construction machinery industry has generally declined, and some customers have delayed the confirmation time of orders and product delivery time. On the basis of ensuring the customers in the power industry, helenzhe grabs the markets of traditional industries such as municipal administration and gardening, expands users in emerging industries such as transportation and leasing, and timely captures new market growth points as an important support for the company's business growth against the trend

for many consecutive years, the domestic market share of helenzhe's aerial work vehicles has remained at about 30%. Helenzhe's live line work vehicle products have always ranked first in the market share of the power system

high quality resources M & A into high-end fire engines

sock lane, Songjiang District, Shanghai in April, is full of flowers. On this "the most beautiful Boulevard in Songjiang", a garden factory, Shanghai granman international fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd., is full of vitality. Three years back, this company, once one of the oldest "made in Shanghai", is still trapped in the management quagmire of lack of technology, talent and market

granman is the first enterprise engaged in the management of fire truck products in China. Entering the new century, this century old enterprise is struggling in the wave of market competition. Hailunzhe company from Xuzhou holds more than half of the patents of domestic aerial work vehicles and firmly occupies the leading position in the industry. Although the industry is changing from extensive plastic granulator to intelligent plastic granulator, the narrow industry market makes it difficult for hailunzhe, which has been listed, to give full play to its capital, technology and talent advantages

helenzhe aerial work vehicle products have ranked first in the relevant domestic market share, and the development of fire truck business will provide a better growth opportunity. Special vehicles such as fire engines and aerial work vehicles belong to refitted vehicles, but they must obtain relevant qualifications and licenses to enter the field of fire engines. Through this acquisition, helenzhe company has entered the field of fire engines by using granman's fire engine production qualification

in the future fire truck market, the medium and high-end product market has the largest growth space. Since the acquisition of Granger at the end of 2012, helenzhe has entered the fire truck industry from a high starting point, and has successively injected Granger with 20 innovative patent achievements, 42million registered capital, 40million yuan of new products and an additional 20million yuan of working capital, as well as the R & D teams in Xuzhou and Suzhou. The company has fully penetrated the technology of helenzhe aerial work vehicle into the development of new products. A remote water supply fire truck developed by the company has 14 patents, including 5 invention patents, which fills the international gap

Shanghai granman has achieved great changes by relying on innovation. On this basis, on December 18 last year, helenzhe signed the letter of intent for capital increase in gimaex international with French gimaexinternational, which mainly includes: helenzhe invested 10million euros in French gimaex company, accounting for about 16.67% of the shares

French gimaex company has more than 140 years of industry experience. It is a large group enterprise specializing in the production of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment. Its products such as ladder fire engines, climbing fire engines, urban main battle fire engines, nuclear and biochemical detection vehicles, fire command vehicles and so on are far ahead in the international market, and its intelligent control technology and robot technology are second to none in the world

the capital increase of French gimaex company has epoch-making significance for "helenze" and can withstand the temperature difference between minus 40 ℃ and above zero 40 ℃, which is the beginning of "helenze" towards internationalization. Helenzhe can introduce a full set of world-class fire truck R & D and manufacturing technologies through the enterprise platform of French gimaex company to receive data, process it, and draw curves. It can also export the products of the joint venture to Europe and the Asia Pacific market with the help of the group's sales channels

merger and acquisition of Juneng Weiye into the field of LED power supply

in early June 2014, hailunzhe began a new attempt of merger and acquisition by using the capital platform for the first time, and planned to acquire 100% equity of Shenzhen Juneng Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. by issuing shares and paying cash to purchase assets. According to statistics, the merger and acquisition was approved by the merger and reorganization Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission in mid December 2014. With the help of the merger and acquisition of Juneng Weiye, hailunzhe's main business has expanded from the previous special-purpose vehicles to the field of LED drive power supply, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the company's capital operation

Juneng Weiye is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of all kinds of LED drive power supplies and related products. The products are mainly used in LED display and LED lighting in the fields of street lamps, municipal administration, gardens, communications and so on. Both sides have certain customer synergy. In addition, Juneng Weiye has the technology and software copyright related to the drive IC and control system, the core components required for the LED display screen. The industrialization of these technologies will further enhance the profitability and comprehensive service capacity of Juneng Weiye

after this acquisition, the newly increased revenue of Juneng Weiye will more than double the company's net profit, and the acquisition cost of 72million yuan is considered cost-effective compared with the company's market value of about 2.6 billion. Aerial work vehicles and LED drive power supply will realize "two wheel drive" in the fields of street lamps, municipal administration, gardens, communications and so on. The new product LED display intelligent drive IC chip will become a new growth point of the company

as of the time of this article, the trading of helenzhe shares was suspended. According to its announcement, it is working for the next M & A

listing, acquisition, overseas enterprises, Sino foreign joint ventures, European and Asia Pacific Markets... Behind these heavy keywords is the true portrayal of the perseverance and hard work of philosopher Helen. Xuzhou hailunzhe company has set sail on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, and bravely climbed to the top of the same industry in the world

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