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Focus on lithium battery and 3C automation cycle adjustment, continue to layout the leader

last week, the output value of China's new material industry will exceed 2trillion yuan, and the machinery industry index rose 3.6%, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 2.1% in the same period, and the machinery industry outperformed the market. Among the sub sectors, industrial automation rose the most, up 4.57%, and intelligent logistics and nuclear power equipment led the way. The lithium battery equipment and railway equipment sector pointed out that the promotion of breakthroughs in key areas increased slightly, and the construction machinery sector fell 2. Which characteristics are suitable for paper smoothness testers 88%。

Zhou's core view: the nuclear power sector performed well this week. The Taiwan Strait nuclear power we mainly recommended in the early stage rose by 10.59%, and the industry reversal logic is gradually being confirmed. We are optimistic about the future development of nuclear power industry and Taiwan Strait nuclear power, and we suggest to continue the layout. Huahong technology recommended last week increased by 7.22% this week. Due to the rationalization of scrap supply after the elimination of "ground bar", the demand for processing equipment has increased significantly, and we continue to be optimistic about the development of the industry and the company. The lithium battery sector bid farewell to last week's decline. We believe that the lithium battery industry, as a bull sector, may fluctuate in the short term due to events, but the upward trend is determined

overview of investment opportunities:

opportunity 1: the new energy vehicle industry chain has entered a high growth boom, and is optimistic about lithium battery equipment, automotive lightweight, automotive electronic equipment. Recently, the first batch of 30 Tesla Model 3 vehicles were officially delivered to customers in Fremont factory, marking Tesla's official entry into the general consumer market, playing a "catfish effect" on China's new energy vehicles and lithium battery enterprises, and driving the continuous innovation of technology and equipment. The first batch of orders for model 3 has reached 500000 vehicles, which is six times the total sales of model s and model X in 2016. Capacity has become a major problem. Therefore, the probability of setting up factories in China has increased, and relevant domestic equipment manufacturers are expected to take the opportunity to enter the Tesla industrial chain. With the accumulation of catalytic factors in the lithium battery equipment industry and the continuous release of order performance, we continue to focus on the recommendation of lithium battery equipment, recommend the layout of automotive lightweight, automotive electronic equipment, new energy auto parts and other fields, continue to recommend leading intelligence, Yinghe technology, Keheng, Sanhua intelligent control, Elida, and prompt the new third board company of lithium battery laser welding equipment - Lianying laser

opportunity 2: China Railway Corporation recently purchased hundreds of "Fuxing", and the high-speed railway equipment industry may usher in new opportunities. Recently, Caixin issued a document saying that China Railway Corporation purchased 104 Chinese standard EMUs "Fuxing", each of which was reduced by 5% from the basic price, and the total purchase price was about 17.8 billion yuan. Since China's standard EMUs obtained the model certificate, the total procurement has reached 154. During the "13th five year plan" period, China's investment in the railway sector is planned to reach 3.5 trillion yuan. By the end of the "13th five year plan", the operating mileage of the whole railway will reach 150000 kilometers, of which high-speed rail accounts for one third of the total scale. In 2017, the premier repeatedly emphasized the railway element in his government work report. By 2020, the operating mileage of high-speed rail will reach 30000 kilometers, and the railway investment is planned to be 800billion yuan in 2017. According to the government planning and the horizontal comparison of international railway density and station density, there is a huge space for railway construction in China in five years. According to the maintenance standard of EMUs, it can be inferred that China's EMUs will enter level 4 maintenance after being put into operation for years. The EMU experienced a peak procurement in 2011, and it can be inferred that after 2017, advanced maintenance will enter a period of rapid demand growth. It is recommended that the first choice is Kangni Electromechanical, Chunhui akoma, which is still growing steadily and CRRC

opportunity 3: land and sea nuclear power is ready to go, and equipment enterprises have priority to benefit. On Wednesday, the AP1000 three door unit, a benchmark unit of nuclear power, entered the loading operation, the hualong-1 technology integration scheme was approved, and five companies including China Nuclear Power Group established a joint venture to build offshore nuclear power plants. All parties in the nuclear power industry are gearing up, and the commencement of new units is on the verge. The bidding for main equipment of Bailong, Lianjiang and Huizhou nuclear power units has been launched successively since May; Zhangzhou nuclear power civil engineering unit signed a contract and recruited people. According to China's nuclear power development plan, the next few years will enter the peak year of nuclear power development, with strong demand for equipment procurement. We believe that the recovery of nuclear power is changing from theme driven to the inflection point of industrial fundamentals, and the subsequent equipment bidding is expected to be normalized. We continue to recommend paying attention to the undervalued targets that are expected to receive orders in the field of nuclear power equipment, with emphasis on Taiwan Strait nuclear power

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