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Hot spots: how to choose dairy products with different packaging

there are a wide variety of packaged dairy products in the market. Different kinds of dairy products wear a variety of packaging bags, packaging boxes, plastic cups and other coats, which are lined up in a row, and consumers often feel that they are dazzling

to this end, we interviewed food nutrition experts and listened to them introduce the knowledge of choosing fresh milk, acidified milk drinks, milk powder, yogurt and other dairy products, so that consumers can clearly choose qualified and suitable dairy products

the problem of joints should be checked. Li Yan, deputy president of Kunming Medical College and an expert of Yunnan Provincial Nutrition Association who also realizes light, comfortable and partial intellectualization, said that the packaging of fresh milk and acidified milk drinks mainly includes composite soft packaging bags, plastic cups and composite cartons sealed with aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite materials during plastic injection molding. These packages are low-cost and have corresponding sealing effect, but they should be sealed and refrigerated after opening, and must be drunk within 48 hours

milk powder is mainly packed with plastic film, double-layer composite film and metal cans. Plastic film and double-layer composite film have low price and sealing performance, but it is difficult to seal and store after opening; Even after the metal can is opened, as long as the plastic cover is tightly covered, it can still be well sealed and stored to prevent the pollution of mold and other common microorganisms. Therefore, if possible, it is best to choose metal canned milk powder. Li Yan said

the packaging of fermented yogurt mainly includes glass bottles, porcelain bottles, plastic composite films and plastic cups. Glass bottles and porcelain bottles are usually bound and sealed with wax coated paper, which is simple to operate, but the method of inserting small iron sheets at the bottom of the main body is easy to damage, difficult to recover, difficult to clean and so on. Nowadays, yogurt in porcelain bottles can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, but it is not easy to generalize whether it can be cleaned in place when recycled. Li Yan said that the yoghurt packaged with double-layer composite film and plastic cup overcame the above problems and required to be sold and stored at a low temperature, with a shelf life of less than 4 degrees Celsius and 7 days

the packaging of sterilized fermented yogurt is mainly composite film bag packaging, which can withstand high temperature and has good barrier property. It is required to be sold and stored at low temperature, and the shelf life is 7 days below 4 ℃. Li Yan reminded: yogurt that is not stored under low temperature conditions is very easy to deteriorate. Once the yogurt surface foams or has a pungent smell of acid, it indicates that it has deteriorated and can no longer be drunk

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