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Many people's positioning for the floor is wear-resistant, easy to take care of, and reasonable price, so it can be seen that nowadays consumers not only pay attention to the price of the floor, but also pay more attention to the quality of the floor. Then the majority of consumers should compare the quality, details, services and other aspects of many products when buying the floor, so as to avoid falling into the price misunderstanding. The small editor of Shenyang environmental protection floor distinguishes the quality of the floor from several aspects

1. Wear resistance grade

the quality of environmental protection flooring can be evaluated from many aspects, such as wear resistance, degree of environmental protection, hand feel, moisture resistance, etc. the most practical is the wear resistance of flooring. Flooring with high wear resistance is very popular in the market

2. Formaldehyde emission

there will be some formaldehyde in the floor more or less. If it exceeds the national standards, it will be harmful to human body. Therefore, when selecting the floor, we must choose products with registered brands and production licenses

3, thickness

the production materials selected by the products determine the quality of environmental protection flooring. The flooring produced by many manufacturers is not much different from the high-quality flooring in appearance, but the sense of use is really greatly reduced





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