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The decoration site is so messy that I'm afraid I can't use a pair of eyes if I supervise the work myself. In fact, as long as you grasp the key points and ignore some unnecessary details, your supervision road will be much easier.

the decoration site is so messy, if you supervise the work yourself, you're afraid you can't use a pair of eyes. In fact, as long as you grasp the key points and ignore some unnecessary details, your supervision road will be much easier and smoother

spring and autumn curtain Huafeng curtain

I: wall and keel

if the wall and keel violate the operating procedures, it is easy to find it. For example, due to the overall or partial collapse of the ceiling, the ceiling becomes “ Drop the top &rdquo

II: waterproof works

for concealed waterproof works, the most important thing is to be meticulous in construction. First of all, before decoration, the construction personnel should do a 24-hour closed water test. After confirming that there is no leakage, clean up the ground debris, shovel off the loose parts, and then use cement mortar to smooth the potholes, and then level the whole surface. Closed water test can also play a role in distinguishing and determining the responsibility of waterproof engineering. The developer is responsible for leakage; If there is no leakage after decoration, the responsibility lies with the decoration company

if the toilet is waterproof, the water will splash on the adjacent wall during bathing. If there is no waterproof layer protection, the next wall and the top corner wall are prone to moisture and mildew, so we must do a good job in wall waterproofing before laying wall tiles. Generally, the wall surface should be waterproof 30 cm high, but for non load-bearing light wall, the whole wall should be waterproof, at least 1.8 m high. Pay special attention to the corners to strictly prevent leakage. In fact, most of the leakage of the waterproof layer is at the corners, so as long as these places are well done, the possibility of leakage will be reduced

III: ceiling

poor combination of ceiling and floor, keel and decorative panel, or excessive load-bearing, which is easy to cause “ Drop the top &rdquo

according to the regulations, the ceiling keel shall not be twisted or deformed, and the installed keel shall be firm and reliable, and the horizontal deviation around shall not exceed 5mm; Ceiling lamps or ceiling fans weighing more than 3 kg cannot be hung on the ceiling keel, but should be equipped with additional hooks. If the ceiling uses gypsum board as the decorative panel, its thickness should be about 9 mm

IV: fragmentary

1. Mix cold and hot water pipes

white is cold water pipe, red is hot water pipe, mix and connect cold water pipe and hot water pipe

there are hidden dangers: the expansion rate of cold and hot water pipes is different. Due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, the cold water pipes break and leak

standard operation: distinguish hot and cold water pipes by color and operate strictly

2. Dismantle and change the waterway at will

mislead the owner to dismantle and change the waterway at will and waste money when the owner does not understand the decoration

there are hidden dangers: wasting money is only one aspect. Once the waterway is not sealed or the pressure test is not carried out, the water pipe will burst

standard operation: move when the pipeline should be changed, and firmly do not move when it should not be moved

3. The wires are not covered with insulating tubes

during construction, the wires are directly buried in the wall, the wires are not covered with insulating tubes, and the wire joints are directly exposed

there are hidden dangers: This is very unsafe. After check-in, wires may be damaged and short circuited due to some reasons, such as aging wires; At the same time, once the wire is broken, there is no way to change the wire at all, only smashing the wall and knocking the ground

standard operation: the wires must be laid with insulating sleeves on the outside. At the same time, the circuit connectors should not be exposed outside. They should be installed in the wiring box, and no joints are allowed between the junction boxes

4. Use 107 glue

use 107 glue in decoration

there are hidden dangers: as the formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances contained in 107 glue seriously exceed the standard, the state has banned it

standardized operation: at present, there is no pure natural and pollution-free glue on the market, and the substitute is 108 glue. But we must identify better brands and products with test reports

5. Strong and weak electricity are placed together

typical Jerry building. Put strong electricity such as lighting wires and weak electricity such as telephone wires and network wires? Put it in a tube or box, and lay one less tube, which saves time and effort

there are hidden dangers: there will be interference when making phone calls and surfing the Internet. At the same time, there is a risk of fire if there are too many wires in one pipe

standard operation: strong and weak current should be wired separately, and it is strictly forbidden for strong and weak current to share one tube and one bottom box

6. Insufficient length without connecting accessories

due to the insufficient length of the insulating pipe, this is just a turn, and the connecting accessories are not placed, exposing a section at the junction with the junction box

there are hidden dangers: after staying for a long time, electric leakage may be caused by aging lines

standard operation: there should be something connected between the nozzle and the junction box

7. Repeated wiring

a large number of repeated wiring and multi-purpose materials waste the financial and material resources of the owner

hidden danger: once there is a problem with the line, if “ A snare ” It is difficult to detect in the layout of

standard operation: carefully arranged. Under the condition of not exceeding 40% of the capacity of the pipe, the line of the same direction can be threaded in one pipe. However, strong and weak electricity must be separated

8. The line pipe is damaged by subsequent works

typical brutal construction. After the pipeline was laid, it was slotted on the ground, and as a result, the laid pipeline was penetrated

there are hidden dangers: after checking in, you may find that there is no electricity in a room at home, so you can only check all wires at home one by one and re thread them

standard operation: construction cannot be carried out again at the place where the pipeline is laid

if it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to connect halfway when changing wires. When the circuit load is large, the joints of wires in the threading pipe are easy to spark and cause fire

9. Putty is used as cement

typical rough manufacture. On many construction sites, the mistakes of the construction team were knowingly committed. Without mentioning the horizontal slotting, the putty powder was used as cement after the wiring of the conduit was completed

there are hidden dangers: the horizontal slotting during decoration destroys the load-bearing of the whole building, and the seismic capacity of the original design is reduced

standard operation: the cement used to block the trunking must be consistent with the cement ratio of the original structure to ensure its strength

10. Wires do not distinguish colors

all wires use one color for labor saving

hidden danger: once there is a problem with the line, it is difficult to distinguish the line again

standard operation: the wiring wrapping cloth of the bottom box is wrapped with different marks. The live wire shall be wrapped with red wire and red cloth, the zero wire shall be wrapped with blue, green and black wire of the same color, and the grounding wire shall be wrapped with yellow, green and blue wire




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