Provence rural modern villa

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Provence is located in the south of France, close to the Mediterranean Sea, with plenty of light, vitality, sunshine and enthusiasm. There are many ancient buildings and vineyards, which is a very charming place! Jean Giono, a French novelist, once said, "Provence is a poem of love, both mysterious and charming. No one can live here without being moved." It is here that the famous painter Van Gogh created the most abundant and unrestrained stage in his life. The gorgeous sunflowers of Arles and the olive trees of St Remy achieved the peak of Van Gogh's paintings

this house is located in the fascinating countryside of Provence. Its predecessor was an old Youfang built in the 19th century. NIM, the owner of the house, bought it and transformed it into a country villa. Inspired by the original style, this house has an unusual beauty under the intersection of new and old, past and present. All of the houses have a classic and modern rural atmosphere

speaking of Mediterranean style, we can naturally think of the typical color combination of blue, white and yellow. In fact, it is the same here, white, dark blue and wood brown! If specifically classified, the home style of this house should be French Mediterranean style. French Mediterranean style is classified as French rural style, represented by Provence. As we can see, far away from the bustling city, the simple and leisurely home makes people unconsciously linger





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