Design your own curtains to add interest to your h

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Design your own curtains to add interest to your home

design your own curtains to add interest to your home! Curtains are the soul of a house and often set the tone for the whole house. To decorate the house in any style, the design, fabric quality and color of curtains must be coordinated

therefore, before you choose the fabric for the curtains, you must make a decision in your heart. If you want to create a style and style for your home, you must choose matching curtains. Walking into any curtain shop, you will be dazzled by the fabrics of all kinds of patterns and materials. In the absence of control, it is easy to choose the wrong fabric and the wrong curtain style. You know, it costs at least 1000 yuan to order a set of curtains. If you choose the wrong one, you have to face this mistake for at least a period of time before you change another one. The more you see it, the more angry you get

there are many kinds of curtains, including Venetian curtains, ordinary straight fall curtains, classical covered curtains and snap ring curtains. Choosing different kinds of curtains will give your home a completely different feeling. Remember to measure the window before ordering the curtain. Before ordering curtains, of course, you must first make clear the size of your window before you know what kind of curtains you can choose

how to measure the window size

how to measure the size of the window? It is best to measure the length and width of the window with an iron ruler, and the size should be taken as the nearest 0.5cm. Remember to measure the distance between the upper and lower walls of the window and the window. You should first decide the length of the curtain, so that you can know the total length of the curtain to be customized, and you can also budget the expenditure when choosing the fabric

generally, the curtain should be about 1 cm from the ground. If you need to lay a carpet, it should be about 2.5 cm from the ground

when measuring the width, remember to measure the length of the curtain rod, not the width of the window




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