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Burn to explode! XCMG Road Machinery Group helps Ji Dang Expressway

burn to explode! XCMG Road Machinery Group helps Ji Dang Expressway

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spring is warm, flowers bloom, and there is a breeze and drizzle. This is a season of life. "Planting a grain of millet in spring and harvesting thousands of seeds in autumn" has entered March, and all walks of life are gradually on the right track. Xuzhou, as the largest concentration of engineering machinery leasing equipment, has also climbed onto the board cars and driven to all parts of the country

boss Chu, who is engaged in the construction machinery industry, went to Heze, Shandong Province from XCMG to add two more equipment. He was full of joy when he mentioned the two equipment, that is, the "high-speed darling" - rp953t ultra thick paver. In the words of boss Chu, with these two machines, we can meet the requirements whether you are a base course surface course, a wide and narrow width, or a single width with two machines. Let's follow the trail of these two star equipment to the construction site

boss Chu and XCMG Service Engineer Lisheng took a group photo together to take a souvenir.

after four hours' running, the vehicle finally parked on the subgrade of a high-speed highway in Chengwu County, Heze, Shandong Province. This is the place where these two equipment will be effective - the huge single section of Ji Dang expressway. Judan expressway is located in Juye Shanxian (the boundary between Shandong and Anhui) section of the National Expressway, starting from wangguantun junction where Ji Guang Expressway connects with RI Dong expressway, passing southward through the west of Juye County and the east of Chengwu County, ending at the provincial border between qianliuzhuang in Caitang Town, Shan county and maliangji in Dangshan County, Anhui Province. It is connected with Dangshan section of de Shang Expressway in Anhui Province, with a total length of about 116.29km, The total length of the line undertaken by the third division of the general contracting project of China Gezhouba Group is 30.295km

XCMG complete road machinery assisted the construction of the huge single section of Ji Dang Expressway

immediately after the assembly and commissioning of new vehicles. According to the project instructions, the width of the section was 12.895m, and the compaction thickness was 21cm. Under the leadership of the service engineer Li Sheng, the on-site operators and workers successively assembled two sets of pavers, one 6.5m and the other 6m, and then maintained and commissioned the leveling system, material conveying and distributing system and vibrating system, After all adjustments are made, wait for the paving operation of the 300m test section on March 10

in the morning of the next day, colorful flags were displayed on the road section, and guests were like clouds. All the equipment involved in the construction was made by XCMG. In addition to two 953t pavers, there are also compaction equipment from XCMG Road, three xs223j single steel wheels and one xp303 rubber tyred roller whose material temperature is too high to decompose (decomposition temperature is>270 ℃). At about 10 o'clock, with the sound of firecrackers, Sikma company also developed similar "polyamide" materials for paving

rp953t paving effect caused the project leaders to frequently watch

one rp953t paver pave first. According to the requirement of 27 cm virtual paving thickness, the leveling cylinder is pre adjusted in the middle of the leveling slide, and the vibration is set to 40%. The purpose of the initial stage is to reduce the use of plastic bottles in sports. The walking speed is 1 m/min (2.5 m/min in normal paving). After the paving thickness is consistent with the requirements, the leveling instrument benchmark is adjusted to zero, Turn on the leveling instrument switch and enter the automatic paving mode. When the paved road is presented to everyone, it can even be described as amazing. The aggregate shall be evenly distributed, the pavement shall be of good flatness, and the thickness of the left and right sides shall be the same

the guests who came to the site to visit and guide took out their cameras and took pictures to learn. Then another paver was used to pave side by side, and everything was carried out step by step. Pavers were used to pave side by side, and rollers came one after another. The initial compaction, re compaction and final compaction were all in order. The final compaction degree measured by the surveyors on site is 99.2, which is not less than 96, completely exceeding the technical requirements of the project

rp953t parallel paving process

nowadays, XCMG road machinery sets are burning their youth at the high speed of Ji Dang, telling the story of civilization due to road construction! Of course, not only Jidang, our sales consultants and equipment will look forward to your arrival and observation in major road projects around the world

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