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XCMG Road: to avoid the rise of the escort quality of the spraying project, During the promotion of the project, through the "group plan" of the station leader and the "project warning manual", the growth of the station leader and the basic staff was accelerated, and remarkable achievements were made in the free spraying of the lower body of the grader, so that there were less than 3 bumps off the assembly line, exceeding the control target at the beginning of the year

road construction host Party branch zhaotianjun 1. Streamline the process and quickly tackle key problems

in the process of no spraying on the lower body of the grader, team members give full play to the strength of the grass-roots teams and groups, issue the list of collision problems in each process, and relevant department personnel implement rectification measures on site to form drawing and paper changes, BOM process changes, technical change notices, visual assembly process instructions A series of rapid research modes such as on-site physical change verification. Aiming at the problem of Dacromet damage caused by the collision between the inner wall of the sleeve and the Dacromet bolt during assembly, the team members actively investigated the advanced method experience of brother units, benchmarked Carter, compared the performance of various materials through 13 new material tests before and after, finally selected the best scheme, and used the silicone aluminum powder paint brush to repair and restore the appearance

II. Quality innovation, laying a solid foundation

win-win cooperation. Party members of the branch have taken more measures to protect the lower body of the grader from spraying. 1. Assembly process and tooling improvement: Pu protective cloth is laid on the left and right sides of the balance box of the grader; Leather protection is added to the rear axle and rear frame hooks; When assembling the rim, add shims in the tightening machine sleeve to prevent the sleeve head from contacting the paint film; 2. Protection of materials for structural parts transfer: rubber pads shall be laid on the full trailer for coating transfer and the electric flat car for lower parts to avoid collision of painted parts in the process of lower parts and transfer; 3. In order to avoid rusting of the processing surface, cooperate with the technical department to investigate, adopt new materials for rust prevention treatment, and issue operation instructions and technical notices. Party members of the Party branch actively eliminate the deficiencies on the surface of the lower body of the grader, unite and lead the employees to work hard, and provide power for the rapid development of the enterprise

III. make concerted efforts and be strict, careful and practical

team members take the quality Contribution Activities of Party members as the starting point, form a team through the division of Party member areas to lead the whole staff to actively participate in the project, and form a good atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing. There is no industry standard to limit the material performance or grade, and the whole staff help the spray free project. Based on the project, implement the "group plan" of the station leader, establish a project promotion team, combine the promotion of the project, from how to give full play to the advantages of the station leader in station management, team building, project knowledge transfer, horizontal coordination and other aspects, and focus on the project decomposition objectives and specific work tasks of their station, all teams carry out monthly competitions, benchmarking and difference finding, experience sharing, horizontal communication, solve various problems and promote project implementation. In addition, the party members of the team made the warning manual for grader project implementation, the requirements for spray free control and three quality display boards. Aiming at the bumps that are easy to occur in the spray free project, they guided the whole staff with the manual to deeply analyze the bumps of the whole machine from the entry of key parts and structural parts, assembly, commissioning to the hands of users, forming the role of warning education for the whole staff

next, the spray free party member pioneer team will continue to benchmark the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", take problems and pain points as the guide, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in a variety of experiments with universal experimental machines that can be configured with different fixtures. The first is to set up a fast feedback channel without spraying to solve new appearance problems and pressure drop appearance problems; Second, make breakthroughs in skill level, constantly learn new methods, new processes and new equipment, and consolidate the construction level of their own spray free team; Third, unblock the bottleneck, realize the standardized operation of transfer, lifting, installation and commissioning, ensure the appearance quality of the whole machine, and strive to make greater contributions to the strategic goal of the division to become the top three in the world of road machinery in 2020! (this article is from XCMG Road)

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