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ITC will include the use of wind energy in its packaging and printing business

at present, ITC will comply with the commitment to gradually use renewable energy, and incorporate the benefits of wind energy and ultra-low global warming potential (less than 1) into its packaging and printing business, in order to further consolidate its dominant position in carbon emissions. In line with ITC's unchanging belief of making far-reaching contributions to sustainable development, LANXESS plans to further strengthen its efforts in the future. The most complaints are the best teaching materials for service improvement. Recently, the company commissioned a 14 MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu, and set up four and five windmills in thenI area near Madurai and radhapuram taluk in tirunelvel area respectively, Its capital cost provides us with an infinite phenomenon space of 900million rupees in the future. The project will not only save costs, but also increase ITC's favorable environmental coverage

the production capacity of these windmills will be used for the self provided power consumption of the company's tiruvottiyur packaging and printing plant in Chennai. The project is intended to be recruited and registered as a clean development mechanism (CDM) project, and its CDM Executive Board is established in accordance with the Kyoto protocol. Wimco, a subsidiary of ITC in Chennai, has used four 250KW turbines to transmit electricity to tneb (Tamil Nadu Power Development Authority) in muppandal and Tirunelveli. ITC kakatiya, a hotel built by ITC in Hyderabad, has also adopted wind energy as one of its hotel's energy supply combinations

looking forward to the future, ITC will continue to gradually invest in the development of cleaner energy projects and continuously improve its contribution to the triple bottom line goal, that is, to create economic, environmental and social assets for the country at the same time

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