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Itbrand printer brand ranking list in November 2012

Beijing, itbrand released the printer brand ranking list for the 19th time on July 25, 2012. Itbrand uses its own brand value evaluation method to calculate brand influence for global IT brands, and regularly publishes the ranking list of the best it brands. The factors that affect the ranking of it brands in this evaluation method include:

product exposure

enterprise innovation competitiveness

Product attention

product sales

after sales service evaluation initial cable fault rough testing work

in July, Li Shousheng of itbrand printer said that the brand ranking list was fresh. The ranking of this list has changed greatly. Canon, which has always been at the top of the list, fell out of the top five, while brother's latecomers ranked first and jumped to second place. Epson also returned to the top three in this list. Please follow and pay attention to the industry trends of major manufacturers

As one of the most influential brands in China, HP has always been committed to providing customers with industry-leading innovation and choice. At the end of June, Hewlett Packard released a new series of affordable inkjet all-in-one machines for home users and small and medium-sized enterprises, including five models: HP deskjet 3525/5525, HP deskjet 4615/4625 and HP deskjet 2515, which not only provided users with more printer purchase options, but also launched a new wireless printing technology to help users get a higher printing experience

among them, HP deskjet 3525/5525 are two all-in-one cloud printing machines. They not only have HP cloud printing technology, but also have wireless direct printing function. Even without a network or router, they can print through the connection of mobile devices with wireless function. HP's launch of the new Huisheng series of printers not only highlights the province, but also highlights the new, and further saves printing costs and improves printing efficiency for users without losing printing quality

brother consumables drum powder separation, environmental protection and economy

brother ranked second by leaps and bounds this month, which is inseparable from its adherence to the purpose of at your side and has always been for the sake of users. According to the "China laser printer market analysis report in June 2012" released by the Internet Consumption Research Center, the attention of printer products with drum powder separation design has increased, which shows that more and more users are paying attention to the late printing cost

brother company launched a full range of consumables with drum powder separation design, and applied this design to the field of low-end laser printers, solving the concerns of ordinary users who pay attention to the printing cost about the expensive original consumables and high printing cost. Users with low print volume only need to replace the toner box, so they don't have to worry about the expensive expenses brought by the original consumables

As we all know, Epson has two pillars in the printer field, one is the needle printer, the other is the ink-jet printer, and the large format printer, as a branch of the ink-jet printer, is also one of the important links of the Epson printer product line. Recently, Epson released three newly developed Epson surecolor s series large format printers. Facing professional advertising photography output applications, they are called micro jet photo machines because of their quality of Epson micro jet photo technology

the three 64 inch ultra large format micro spray photo machines released this time are Epson surecolor s30680 standard model, s50680 high-speed model S70680 high quality "TORLON Pai with wear-resistant grade has no comparable performance in lubricating environment. These three products all adopt Epson's leading TFP micro piezoelectric print head technology and environmental friendly weak solvent ink. According to the use needs of users at different levels in the industry, they are configured with different functions to fully meet the user's segmentation needs for efficiency, quality, etc. Therefore, when the blade of the mixer hits it at this time, it is required.

Fuji Xerox high-end composite Fuji Xerox has been committed to the production and research and development of large-scale digital multi-function printing machines. Recently, Fuji Xerox launched three new black-and-white digital multi-function production printing systems d95/d110/d125, which not only have a high output speed of 95, 110 and 125 pages per minute, but also are equipped with a color automatic double-sided scanner, which can realize the fastest 200 color double-sided scanning per minute among products of the same level, At the same time, it has the highest 2400 x 2400dpi printing resolution among products of the same level to achieve high-quality output

the three black-and-white digital multi-function machines launched this time show the powerful printer technology of Fuji Xerox, which not only enriches the product line of Fuji Xerox digital printing system, but also brings a high-quality, efficient and reliable printing environment for high-density printing industries such as Express Printing stores, enterprise printing centers, education, medical treatment, etc

new products of Kyocera all-in-one machine with environmental protection and energy saving appeared

Kyocera ranked significantly higher in this list. In today's society, the importance and improvement of the ecological environment has gradually entered the public's vision. As two complementary green concepts, environmental protection and energy conservation have also naturally entered the high consumption enterprise office field

recently, Kyocera launched fs-c2126mfp+, a new and updated version of fs-c2126mfp multi-function all-in-one machine, to further improve product details and strive to achieve the ultimate state of energy conservation and environmental protection. Kyocera's office products have always been known for their high quality and long life. The service life of the amorphous silicon photosensitive drum used by Kyocera is 10 times that of the traditional OPC photosensitive drum. In addition, the drum powder separation technology greatly reduces the later use cost of users and is more environmentally friendly

for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to purchase efficient and energy-saving office equipment under limited cost conditions has become an urgent problem to be solved, and producing the most economical and environmental friendly office products has always been the goal of Kyocera. The new all-in-one machine fs-c2126mfp launched by Kyocera this time can well solve the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises' lack of funds and limited cost, and provide users with a more economical and environmental friendly office choice

about itbrand: itbrand is a brand under eNet silicon valley power and a leading IT brand research organization in China. Itbrand aims to help consumers choose products, conduct in-depth research on the actual situation of it brands, accurately comment on the advantages and disadvantages of it brands, and ensure the fairness and accuracy of the brand rankings, so it has been widely recognized both inside and outside the industry. At the same time, it also helps brand owners effectively create, recognize and manage brands. The list is published once a month and is the wind vane of Chinese IT brands

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