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Italian polyurethane machinery manufacturer cannon showed us $4million expansion

Italian polyurethane machinery manufacturer cannon showed us $4million expansion

November 15, 2018

55 employees from all over the world of Italian polyurethane equipment manufacturer cannon spa gathered in the suburbs of Pittsburgh to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of cannon USA, And visit its 26000 square foot expansion project, where the proximity switch plays a protective role

Paolo Spinelli, President of cannon USA, said that 40 years of history in the United States has proved that privately held cannon has a long-term business vision in the United States. This is also reflected in the $4million expansion project, which has more than doubled the manufacturing space of the Cranberry Township factory in the United States, including the upgrading of offices and Chinese paint

he said, "we have seen the steady growth of the market. We have seen more and more advantages of manufacturing in the United States, which is not just an economic reason. Of course, the current exchange rate and the dollar are very strong, and it is easier to buy products from Europe. But tariffs are required. In addition, all these changes you can't control, and the trend is changing every year."

spinelli said that in addition to the exchange rate of the US dollar and US cents, having a US manufacturing business has helped cannon provide better services to customers here

"we 9. Compressive strength test of rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation slurry (JG158 ⑵ 004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external thermal insulation system); speak the same language and have the same mentality," he said. For a European company, manufacturing machinery in the United States means that the company employs domestic employees with engineering design and manufacturing expertise. He believes that this is better than simply storing parts

he said, "if something breaks down, you can replace it. It's very simple. But if you want to replace something, you must change the design and so on. You must understand why it is designed like this for the first time. It's very important to design in the United States, which will have a great impact."

Conlon USA also employs seven service technicians

the prolific inventor Leonardo volpato founded cannon in Italy in 1962, initially producing spray polyester systems. The company developed and expanded. Three years later, after his partner Carlo Fiorentini joined the company, Conlon entered the polyurethane machinery industry - forge ahead. These two families still own cannon group, located in caronnopertusella, north of Milan, Italy

marco volpato, Leonardo's son and cannon's president and CEO, delivered a speech in public. He said that the owners of the company firmly believe that companies like cannon should be owned by families rather than private equity

he said in an interview, "we have been engaged in projects for decades. Not for a few years. Project integration may take 10 or 15 years."

cannon spa also produces thermoforming equipment for the production of industrial parts

volpato said that cannon's foam machinery and equipment are now entering new niche areas and new markets, where it can take advantage of its experience in accurately mixing two liquids

"now we are not just talking about polyurethane," he said. "We are talking about urea. We are talking about phenols."

cannon began to establish American manufacturing business early, and its polyurethane equipment has found a huge market in the automotive and home appliance markets. The Italian company established cannon USA in warrendale, Pennsylvania, in 1978, and then moved this business unit to Cranberry Township a few miles away in 1987. After that, the plant has been expanding for many years

today, the company has 67 employees at its main plant in cranberry and another plant in zelienople, Pennsylvania. Here, visitors can see an 80 foot long refrigerator insulation line with eight stations. Cannon is carrying out factory renovation in the United States for its customers

spinelli said that the annual sales of cannon USA is about $25million to $30million

KANGLONG has the characteristics of simple operation in Cranberry Township. Part of the expansion of the plant is to build a higher plant ceiling and add a 10 ton crane. Spinelli said this would enable the plant to build larger machines, including production lines with sandwich structures on them. Large cranes will also help employees move heavy components in the manufacturing space

mixing head is the core of polyurethane machinery. The two liquid chemical components are mixed together in the flow zone, and then the mixture must move smoothly into the mold in a laminar flow manner. They react and produce foam. Cannon USA introduced its mixing head from the factory of its Italian parent company to the American factory, but American technicians refurbished the used mixing head

Cranberry factory carries out light processing. Spinelli said that U.S. operations use local contractors to process large surfaces

he said, "we manufacture machines and measuring equipment here, and we combine them with customer needs." Cranberry factory employees also manufacture control panels

in the cranberry factory, FANUC pronunciation robot can be programmed according to the specific needs of customers. The mixing head is fixed on the robot, and the robot moves to fill the area of the large mold

Spinelli said that the demand for resins such as nylon, polypropylene, polyurethane and other engineering plastics in new energy vehicles in cannon USA is very large, and it is very important to hire robot experts

he said, "people who write software must understand how the system works, how customers want things to go, and so on. So they must be those who are not only good at writing software, but also look for customers. They see a production line that produces seats. They need to understand, what is the key? What do customers need to improve productivity? Do they need maintenance? Software is crucial."

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