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Hebei news (Liu Yajing) on July 26, the signing ceremony was held for the Tianbing ice and snow equipment production and manufacturing project cooperated by Zhangjiakou high tech Zone and Italian Tianbing company

Italian Tianbing company is a leading enterprise in the global snow making industry, and has established a strategic and friendly cooperative relationship with the International Ski Federation (FIS). As the only company in the world that can (7) confirm the oil return valve on the oil source control cabinet to build a fully automated snow making system, it has served the 6th Winter Olympics and will provide snow making equipment and automated systems for the 2022 Beijing winter olympics national alpine skiing center. Since September last year, Zhangjiakou has actively connected with Italian Tianbing company. After two months of anti merger and sent special personnel to monitor and communicate, a consensus on the park admission agreement has been finally reached recently

after the signing of the project, Tianbing company will establish "Tianbing ice and snow equipment (Zhangjiakou) Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiakou and settle in the ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park of Zhangjiakou high tech Zone. At the initial stage of operation, the production and manufacturing project of Tianbing ice and snow equipment is expected to achieve an annual output value of 50million yuan. After the project is mature, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 100million yuan. The project mainly constructs "five plates", namely: the assembly and processing center of ice and snow equipment, and the products are gradually expanded from the Chinese market to the overseas market; The production and manufacturing center of ice and snow related equipment, which produces ice and snow equipment and develops and manufactures new products; China market logistics center, responsible for domestic and international material and product procurement; Set up R & D and design centers and testing laboratories to support the production of new factories and undertake the testing tasks of ice and snow equipment of Tianbing company; A settlement center will be established to settle all the income related to the new company to Tianbing (Zhangjiakou) company, and gradually realize the settlement of the main sales revenue in the Chinese market in Tianbing (Zhangjiakou) company

at present, the hot-rolled ribbed steel bars for reinforced concrete in the ice and snow Industrial Park GB 1499 (1) 998 demonstration area office R & D area has been slotted, and the light equipment area is implementing pile foundation works. It is expected to complete the construction of 60000 square meters of light equipment area by the end of the year, and other construction projects are in full swing

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