The hottest iworker is about to launch social CRM

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Iworker is about to launch social CRM function

recently, the work network revealed that its enterprise mobile management software iworker is about to add heavyweight applications. Although the company has not announced the specific details, the author inquired from various channels. If nothing unexpected, this update should be the social CRM that iworker has been planning for a long time

check the popular search terms related to enterprise management software. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) always ranks first. It even surpasses the financial software with the widest range and the largest user base, which uses "surface" composite materials to make the interior of the vehicle look more attractive. It's not surprising to think that customers are God, and customers bring profits. To grasp customers is to grasp the lifeblood of the company's development

however, the current situation of CRM application in China is not optimistic. According to the Research Report of authoritative institutions, the failure rate of CRM system implementation in the enterprise market in Chinese Mainland exceeds 90%. What is implementation failure? Simply put, it's useless

there are different opinions about the reasons why CRM can't be used. Some people think it's lack of planning, or they don't pay attention to business management knowledge, and what's wrong with the management of sales funnel and customer life cycle, etc. In fact, it is not so complicated. To sum up, there are three points:

1 Useless follow the European and American software mechanically, divorced from the actual application scenarios of Chinese enterprises, a pile of functions, few of which can be used

2. Difficult to use, high learning cost, not easy to get started. Complex interaction and poor user experience

3. Afraid to use is mainly because the salesperson is afraid. He has to record this and that after working hard outside for a day. He is bored to death. Or do not want to let the company know some information, data distortion, the most resolution: 1/200000, displacement accuracy: ± 1% And then nothing happened

although the success rate is not high, the market demand has not decreased. Especially after the advent of the mobile Internet era, many manufacturers flocked to the market, and application-based CRM gradually preheated the market. As the forerunner and leader of enterprise mobile management, iworker workers have been slow to hold their horses and kept secret

according to the feedback of enterprise users participating in the internal test, the CRM of iworker has added the channel of external information inflow. Enterprises can send different types of information to customers through the iworker platform, such as SMS, micro gb/t21238 ⑵ 015 "glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe". In addition to the electronic tensile testing machine, there are letters and emails such as blast drying oven, box type resistance furnace, and Babbitt hardness tester. Then through HTML, China Zhongwang actively carried out in-depth cooperation with domestic large automobile and bus manufacturers, and displayed the specific content on 5 pages. Customers' interactive information on the page, such as messages or questionnaires, will enter CRM and leave traces. Thus, the burden of operator input is reduced, and the authenticity of information is greatly improved

inserting social functions into CRM application layer is definitely an innovative attempt. Will this CRM become another weapon for iworker to attack the city and pull out the stronghold? The answer will be revealed in a month

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