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Jabra/Jabra elite sport zhenyuezhen wireless Bluetooth headset how to use evaluation experience

jabra/Jabra elite sport zhenyuezhen wireless Bluetooth split headset in ear wireless sports

12 periods of breath free enjoyment of sports zhenyuezhen wireless freedom

jabra/Jabra elite sport zhenyuezhen blue teeth promotion and configuration features:

brand straight drop 270 yuan

super long endurance up to 13 years, and set up in Shanghai and Huaibei to use technology research Xinhe Industrialization Center 5 hours of music and call duration

intelligent heart rate monitoring precision in ear heart rate monitor and analyzer

comments from friends:

many years ago, I have two jabulan Bluetooth headsets. The headsets are already in use, with clear voice and acceptable music. They need to be burned. However, it is very humanized design. Open the small black box of jabulan Bluetooth headsets, and jabulan Bluetooth is automatically connected. 1. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated value. Connect the paired bluetooth devices, and close the box cover, Headphones are automatically disconnected, and the design is unique. Jebel Lang is a must-have product

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