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Italian supermarkets began to use biodegradable packaging

when customers came to the 22 chain stores of iper supermarket material change experimental machine in Italy, they would be very surprised, because all fresh foods in iper supermarket have adopted the unique plastic packaging material - polylactic acid PLA resin packaging products

these packaging materials used by iper supermarkets are polylactic acid resin `nature works' produced from corn by cargilldow company of the United States. These materials are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and can improve the quality of food packaging. Spezia, the director of iper Sales Department, pointed out that using NatureWorks resin means providing customers with natural and promoting neoprene composites to become the largest supplier of power lithium battery aluminum plastic film in China. This combination of food and natural material packaging is very important, which makes the supply chain of iper supermarket significantly different from its competitors. At present, a total of 22 chain supermarkets in iper supermarket have changed to new packaging materials for delivered goods, and at the same time, they have released information to customers to introduce the advantages of "natural packaging and natural goods" and further expand the plan of applying nature works material packaging that meets the above requirements

cargil China is a large country in the production and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Ldow company began to produce PLA resin in April 2002, with a production capacity of 136000 tons/year. The packaging performance of NatureWorks resin is equal to or better than that of traditional polymer packaging materials with petroleum as raw materials. It has the advantages of high transparency, high gloss, long-lasting and pleasant fragrance, and can withstand the grease in most foods. The initial temperature of heat sealing is low (80 ℃), and the heat sealing strength is high. It can be processed into films, rigid bottles and various containers, and can also be stretched and oriented. It can be thermoformed, coated and printed with existing equipment

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