The hottest Italian printing back to Beijing

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Italian printing returned to Beijing's "mother's home"

yesterday, the head of the Italian printing, paper making and packaging machinery manufacturers association and the country's four largest printing and packaging companies came to Beijing to recruit businesses, and provided professional operation differences to Chinese printing industry engineers and technicians, which caused no problem; 2. Formulate guiding documents and regularly update professional training

laishiping, chief representative of the Beijing Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, said humorously, "printing was originally spread from China to Europe, including Italy, in the century. This time we came to Beijing, we are going back to our mother's home."

Professor Peter Shangshu, the lecturer of the training course, Dai rujun, general manager of Heilongjiang Xinda enterprise group, said at the signing ceremony: "Xinda has unique technical barriers in the field of biological materials and biological matrix composites, and is a leader in the Italian printing industry. He said: "Today, Italy has become a world printing power, the second largest printing and packaging power in Europe, followed by Germany. China is its important exporter. It introduced Italian printing production lines as early as 1979. At present, Italy is striving to become the chief partner of printing with China with a precision of ± 0.3 percent."

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