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Manufacturing model! XCMG won the "most inb2b brand globalization Award"

manufacturing model! XCMG won the "most inb2b brand globalization Award"

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on November 22, 2019, LinkedIn China's annual marketing ceremony "connectin 2020" was held in Anji, Zhejiang Province, a "green pearl" with beautiful scenery and quiet seclusion

from Roland Berger, Schneider, Ketchum, Huawei, XCMG and other international enterprise executives, HR, brand and digital marketing business leaders gathered together to discuss how to understand business trends in the context of digital transformation, fully understand the behavior habits, interests and hobbies of consumers in overseas markets and other key information, so as to better formulate brand marketing strategies and build brand image, And share the successful brand marketing practice cases in the industry, so as to provide valuable reference for strengthening the global marketing of brands

the conference unveiled the 2019 list of China's leading in marketing brands. The 2019 list includes the second place of "the most inb2b Marketing Award", "the most inb2b brand globalization Award" and "the most in Content Marketing Award" The four awards of "the most in marketing effect Award" comprehensively assess the brand in terms of content creation, creative quality, popularity of communication, and the most important thing in the future manufacturing industry is to realize the efficient utilization of resources and energy and minimize the damage to the ecological environment. Marketing effect and coverage.

after winning the "annual most in overseas communication Award" in 2018, XCMG was honored with the "most in B2B brand globalization Award" again. Deeply engaged in content marketing, it comprehensively displays XCMG's professional product information, corporate culture and cutting-edge trends in the global construction machinery industry from multiple perspectives. High quality professional content is highly consistent with the professional and international brand positioning of Lingying platform. On this basis, it further expanded the brand-new field of marketing, achieved a prominent "B2B" marketing effect, provided a valuable reference for domestic manufacturing brands, stood out among hundreds of participating enterprises, and was unanimously recognized by the guests

in recent years, the development of the Chinese market has shifted from incremental competition to stock competition with the assistance of Shanghai Jianhu instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. most Chinese enterprises have turned their attention to larger overseas markets while deeply cultivating the local market. However, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the unprecedented attention paid by the international market to Chinese enterprises provides a reference for the global communication of Chinese brands. Especially at present, with the upgrading of China's industrial structure and the transformation of China's trade role, export enterprises driven by science and technology and brands and sea going products have become the market trend, and the transformation of Chinese enterprises' brand image and the transmission of brand information are facing challenges in the process of going abroad

in this context, XCMG's global integrated brand spread to global audiences, constantly showing the gold content of "made by XCMG and made in China" with personalized, vivid and creative stories, and showing XCMG's century old store characteristic brand accumulation and industry leader strength. This award is a high affirmation of XCMG's global brand building as a "manufacturing model"

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