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U.S. manufacturing production began to return to caterpillar, etc.

U.S. manufacturing production began to return to caterpillar, etc.

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Guide: in the afternoon of May 21, Beijing time, a survey report released by Accenture, a consulting company, on Monday showed that two-thirds of major U.S. manufacturers have moved their factories in the past two years using polypropylene and PET polyester as raw materials respectively, The United States is the most popular relocation destination. For the first time, the report provides empirical data on the industry wide return of the manufacturing industry

in the afternoon of May 21, Beijing time, a survey report released by consulting firm Accenture on Monday showed that two thirds of major American manufacturers have relocated their factories in the past two years, and the United States is the most popular destination for relocation

the report provides empirical data on the "return" of the manufacturing industry for the first time. Production jobs once outsourced to low-cost emerging economies began to return to the United States. Although this phenomenon has received widespread attention, most of the evidence so far is isolated

President Obama proposed to give tax incentives to companies that repatriate overseas production, and impose punitive taxes on other companies. Obama said in his state of the Union address at the beginning of the year: "if you are a company that wants to outsource jobs for a shorter period of stability, then you should not get tax relief. No matter which company can not pay less tax by transferring jobs and profits abroad."

about 65% of the executives surveyed by Accenture said that they had shifted manufacturing activities in the past 24 months. 2/5 means that the factory has moved back to the United States. China is the second destination for factory relocation, and 28% said they moved to China; The third is Mexico, with 21% of the researchers making this table showing through the control of the cold rolling process of TC6 sheet

rich Bergmann, executive director of Accenture, said that executives listed freight and order fulfillment speed as the main motives for relocating the factory. The report shows that manufacturing owners are increasingly placing their production activities closer to the end market

in many cases, the reconfiguration of production is reflected in the expansion of existing factories in the United States, such as general electric and caterpillar. However, China is still the first choice for new factories, followed by the United States, India, Brazil and Mexico

Bergman said: "the strong domestic demand in China and other markets in Southeast Asia has provided support for new factories, and the domestic demand in the United States is not enough to make the manufacturing industry return in an all-round way."

the survey also shows that American manufacturers predict that China will overtake Europe to become the second largest market in the world within three years. 58% of the companies expect that China's demand will become one of the largest revenue sources of the company within three years, and the current situation is that 38% of the company's main revenue depends on China; 53% expect that Western Europe will be the main source of revenue. At present, 63% of companies take western Europe as the main source of revenue

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