The hottest manufacturing industry remains young,

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The manufacturing industry remains young and should move from selling equipment to selling services.

a sweaty competition is recorded in the heavy equipment of a big country. China's independently developed air separation equipment, which produces 100000 cubic meters of pure oxygen per hour, has finally proved its strength and can compete with German imported equipment. Before 2013, China was still blank in this field

Hangzhou oxygen machine group, the creator and manufacturer of the protagonist of the competition, has been in ancient times. At the fourth China service-oriented manufacturing conference held in early November, Jiang Ming, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, said frankly: to keep manufacturing enterprises young, the breakthrough of key technologies is one of them, and learning to lead cows to sell milk is the other. In the past, the technology was not high-end, and only equipment could be sold. With the breakthrough of key technology, the equipment moved towards precision and systematization, and services must be sold, not only for technical support services, but also for the construction and management services of the whole project. Jiang Ming said

the manufacturing industry needs to change, and the era of pure hardware consumption will end.

after investigating hundreds of enterprises, Yin Jian'an, member of the first national manufacturing Power Strategy Advisory Committee, found that China's manufacturing industry is showing a situation of ice and fire. Traditional enterprises with single manufacturing are generally sad, while enterprises that develop or enjoy service-oriented manufacturing are generally better off. Yin Jian'an said

Shaanxi Automobile Group, which first launched the car service application system in the truck industry, has long started to provide users with intelligent services such as vehicle positioning management, fuel consumption management, electronic fence, etc

the key areas of high-tech industrialization prioritized by Jinzhong in 2008 include: metal powder materials of new materials and powder metallurgy technology - ultra high temperature and high pressure inert gas atomization pulverization technology. After the financial crisis, the sales of heavy-duty trucks were depressed, and enterprises encountered difficulties. Liushuiku, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group, recalled that the way of selling only cars would not work. New means such as car couplets, remote monitoring and information collection would also greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries, but it would make selling services feasible. The market was also very welcome. Services from manufacturing enterprises also assisted the industry regulatory authorities to effectively solve the management problems of muck trucks

the manufacturing industry must change, because the era of pure hardware consumption is coming to an end

Yin Jian'an found the clue from the automobile consumption data of nearly 30 years. He said that in 2018, the automobile consumption curve ended, and the 28 year climb came to a turning point, while the curve of taxi passenger volume continued to rise. As the number of trips continues to rise, people are more eager to obtain services and give up choosing the way of hardware consumption

ibm is a successful case of catering to change. It sold or transferred the low-end manufacturing links and upgraded the high-end manufacturing links. Yin Jian'an said that service-oriented manufacturing is not a new concept, but the only way for the development of manufacturing industry

service-oriented manufacturing is a shot in the arm for the economy after the epidemic. The development of service-oriented manufacturing is conducive to coping with the impact of the epidemic, accelerating the recovery and development of the manufacturing industry, solving the contradictions and constraints faced by the long-term development of China's manufacturing industry, achieving high-quality development, and improving the modernization level of the industrial chain. At the opening ceremony of the 4th China service-oriented manufacturing conference, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, emphasized the importance of developing service-oriented manufacturing related industries with three advantages

after the epidemic, the economy is in adversity, and service-oriented manufacturing can be carried out on both shoulders. Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that service-oriented manufacturing is more direct, higher quality, more comprehensive, more dynamic and more convenient to meet consumer demand, which can undoubtedly greatly promote consumption; Secondly, it maps all links and elements of the whole manufacturing cycle to the network virtual space, so that they can realize interconnection, expand the application scenarios of information technology, including 5g and AI, and truly bring interconnection into the real economy

it is believed that service-oriented manufacturing with information gene will bring countless new business explosion points and inject a dose of ingredients into the economy after the epidemic: 40% Lycra cardiotonic

transformation requires courage and prediction of industry development.

there is an old saying in the manufacturing industry: technological transformation, technological transformation, if you don't change, you'll die, if you change, you'll die

it can be seen that transformation is not on paper. The thinking of industrial interconnection can not bring empowerment and embark on the upgrading road of service-oriented manufacturing

Toyota, the world's leading car company, announced a comprehensive strategic transformation a few years ago, from an automobile manufacturer to a mobile operator and service provider

in 2015, HP split its global business, stripped off its consumer business (notebook computer production, etc.), and established a new HPE to provide digital transformation services for enterprises

the transformation cases of giants show that entering service-oriented manufacturing requires not only the courage and strength against self-respect, but also the prediction of the development of the whole industry and even multiple industries

the first is the change of thinking. Yin Jian'an said that service-oriented manufacturing needs to understand manufacturing completely from the perspective of market and customers, while traditional manufacturing starts from its own products

apply the cow Theory: service-oriented manufacturing should first understand what kind of milk customers want to drink, and then lead the right cows, rather than selling cows customers don't like

thinking is followed by specific changes, including the service and intelligence of products, and the intelligence and productization of services. Yin Jian'an concluded that, for example, enterprises themselves can carry out low-end link asset light, high-end link intelligence, and a large number of leading enterprises have given their own practice

from practice to theory to guide practice, it is inseparable from (1) optimizing and upgrading traditional industries requires systematic research

in order to focus on industrial policy and theoretical research in the field of service-oriented manufacturing, break through the bottleneck of development mode and common technical problems in key industries, solve the industrialization and engineering application problems of enterprise service-oriented manufacturing transformation, and help China's manufacturing industry establish the concept of customer first and industrial ecosystem, the fifth Institute of electronics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the people's Government of Yuhang District, Hangzhou Hangzhou Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone has jointly built a service-oriented manufacturing research institute. Think tanks play the role of supporting enterprises, making manufacturing enterprises leap in the right direction

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