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Several well-known packaging factories use cooling artifacts to improve the workshop environment

recently, with the increasing temperature, heatstroke prevention and cooling has become a top priority that affects the survival of enterprises. At this time, it is necessary to replace the jaws, especially in the cardboard workshop with a typical high humidity and high temperature environment. Some well-known enterprises have greatly improved the workshop environment, significantly reduced the staff turnover rate and taken on a new look by introducing the 15 year maintenance free cooling artifact "Kele fan"

high temperature working environment: the nightmare shared by employees and bosses

many heads of the printing industry said that now it is difficult to recruit workers, and catch up with such hot weather, young people who apply for jobs are only willing to do quality inspection, sales, clerical and other jobs with comfortable working environment, and the production line is really unable to recruit people

people's attention and sensitivity are affected in high temperature environment, which also reduces work efficiency, and even becomes the culprit of a large number of industrial accidents. Moreover, physical labor and strenuous exercise can lead to heat stroke, and the death rate of heat stroke is very high

rejuvenate the environment, "Keller fan" was praised by people in the industry

near dry conditions: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃, 2 hours. In recent years, with the birth of "Keller fan", the environment of the packaging and printing workshop has been changed at one stroke, overturning the sweating phenomenon of the industry. At first glance, this behemoth looks like a helicopter propeller. The wind speed is not fast, but the working environment feels very refreshing. The power of a Kele large industrial fan is less than 1.5KW. The fan blade diameter of this type of fan is 7.3 meters. The fan blade drives the air flow down to the ground and spreads around, forming a 3-meter-high and low (1) turbulent wind layer during heating, melting and mixing in the space. The wind speed is between 1.2 meters and 4.3 meters per second, and the coverage area of a single fan is more than 1000 square meters

calculating the cost account is eye-catching

at present, all walks of life are facing the pressure of reducing costs, and the cost savings and efficiency improvement brought by "Kaile fan" make it popular all over the world in just four years

compared with the traditional fan cooling, "Keller fan" can save 92% of the cost of electricity, and it has been used for 15 years without maintenance. The factory keeps the fan open all day without pressure. Taking a 9000 ㎡ workshop as an example, 300 small fans are needed to achieve full coverage, while only 6 "Keller fans" are needed. According to the use of the experimental machine for 4 years, the experimental machine meets the use requirements. It is used for 8 months every year and 10 hours a day, and the comprehensive operation is about 10000 hours. The "Keller fan" consumes 90000kw/h, and the small fan consumes 90000kw/h, saving 990000kw/h, and the energy-saving efficiency is 92%

traditional fans only have wind in the situation, and the places that cannot be blown by the fans are extremely stuffy, and they feel dizzy after blowing for a long time, which affects the work efficiency. Moreover, the number of traditional fans is large, and the wires laid are complex and diverse, which has buried potential safety hazards for the fire. But the "Keller fan" realizes the overall exchange of airflow in the workshop, and every corner is very cool. In addition, it can improve the oxygen content in the air of the workshop, reduce the peculiar smell of the ink, eliminate the dust and chemical effects, protect the health of workers, and then reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents

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