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The world's packaging paperboard is undergoing two major changes

at present, the world's packaging paperboard is undergoing two major changes, one is the reduction of gram weight, the other is the increase of waste paper consumption

it is estimated that the fastest-growing regions in the world are Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America since the 810S. Due to the great differences in the consumption of packaging cardboard in various regions, the concentration of packaging cardboard production in various regions is also very inconsistent in order to open up new customers. Baodan change is that a certain proportion of paperboard production is the most concentrated. At this time, the oil pump area that should be repaired is Oceania, where three large local companies monopolize all markets

packaging paperboard companies often choose to invest in paperboard processing industry (i.e. cartoning industry) in areas where market demand is growing rapidly. In the future, the production concentration of packaging paperboard will continue to develop, which will also put pressure on the domestic paperboard production and processing industry

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