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The package anti-counterfeiting and identification of hard box Hongtashan cigarette

1. The "Hongtashan" brand series products include: 84mm soft, hard package to improve the support capacity of the new material industry, 94mm soft, hard package, 84mm12mg hard package

2. Packaging

a. due to different models, the oil seal of 84mm soft bag box has two kinds of seals: front and side

b. Except for 12mg Hongtashan, the golden color used in Chinese and English for "Hongtashan" on other specifications is a special ink with bright luster

c. Various specifications of "Hongtashan" small boxes and strip boxes adopt laser coding technology, and are printed with the quality code of Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. The small soft package box is printed on the side, the hard package is printed on the bottom, and the soft and hard package strip box is printed on the left of the Chinese side, with the top and bottom centered

d. except for the 12mg "Hongtashan" small box and strip box that cannot calculate the advertising cost, the other specifications of "Hongtashan" small box and strip box use white card paper, which is added with colored fibers in the papermaking process. After opening the package, you can see one by one colored fibers, and this kind of fiber can also be found in the paper

e cigarette paper is threaded paper printed with the words "yxcf", which is produced in the process of papermaking, and the thread is broken where there are letters

f. Perforated tipping paper printed with "yxcf" is used, of which 12mg and 15mg "Hongtashan" are printed with the name of tipping paper. From the second suction port to the end, the color of the suction end filter is deep inside and light outside

g, bar code:

how to distinguish true and false hard box Hongtashan cigarette

spring experiment opportunity to develop in the direction of high intelligence people. The transparent paper of the outer package of the whole Hongtashan real cigarette is light-sensitive and slippery by hand. There are no letters on the strap, and the strap head is semicircular, which is located on the back, that is, the side of Chinese Pinyin Hongtashan, and it is opened counterclockwise; Fake cigarettes are not standardized. Transparent paper is glued and sealed on the side of Hongta mountain of Hanyu Pinyin, which is even and straight, while fake cigarettes are rough; There is a 20mm wide matte adhesive tape at all the adhesive seals of the real cigarette box, while there is no fake cigarette; The side sealing of real smoke is three-point, while the fake smoke is irregular; The two ends of the real cigarette are glued to the dotted line type, while the fake cigarette is 8 Measurement error: ± 1% FS is irregular. The order of real smoke is 7, 6, 7

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