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"Drug price packaging" is a good move

the national development and Reform Commission may once again attack the falsely high drug price. It is reported that recently, the national development and Reform Commission is consulting all parties on the compulsory pricing of drugs on the packaging. As soon as this intention was issued, there was an outcry of opposition from pharmaceutical manufacturers and the pharmaceutical retail industry

is another "new drug" to deal with the falsely high drug price. Is there any "curative effect" of "drug price packaging" on the "persistent disease" of falsely high drug prices? I think it's hard to expect a dose of "medicine" to completely "cure" the falsely high drug price. But if it is "cured", it is also a good move for consumers

Used in seawater desalination, sewage treatment and other fields; It is almost completely transparent

the same drugs are priced at the same price in hospitals and pharmacies. Different hospitals and pharmacies have different prices, which makes consumers confused. For consumers, what they need most now is that the price of drugs is what they are priced. After pricing, there should be no gap, and there should be too much room for price increase. It can be said that "drug price packaging" is conducive to the formation of a "relatively transparent" consumption for consumers. It's very simple. After setting the drug price, the price department clearly marks it on the package. Moreover, such printing price can also be published through the Internet, newspapers and other media for consumers to check. This actually enables consumers to master relevant information, to a certain extent, to make up for the lack of information, and to form a certain degree of supervision over the price transparency of drugs. Under such a premise, if the relevant departments introduce corresponding accountability measures and increase the punishment of price increases in the circulation of drugs, I think that in this way, "drug price packaging" should have a positive significance in reducing the number of layers of exploitation of consumers

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