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On October 27, this newspaper reported the news that the national development and Reform Commission is planning to conduct another operation on drug pricing. One of the main contents of the "operation" is that the factory price and retail price must be marked on the minimum retail packaging of drugs priced in the market. Just about to say hello to this practice, I immediately saw the person in charge of the pharmaceutical industry in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City make it clear: This is a bad idea

"sour" where? According to them, the fundamental reason for the falsely high drug price is that the manufacturer's quotation is too high or the profit in the sales link is too thick. If the price is printed, the price is transparent, but the cost is still opaque; As for the intermediate profit, the manufacturer can be flexible through rebate and so on. That means it's no use telling you the price, because you don't know whether it's high or low. This statement is reasonable. However, what laymen like me don't understand on the premise is: once this "bad idea" is implemented, there will be no supervision, so the manufacturer must ensure the reliability of the sample measuring station and fixture as much as it wants to print? I'm afraid it's not that simple. The report of this newspaper said that the national development and Reform Commission has set up a drug price evaluation center, which is conducting cost research on drug prices. The future drug prices will mainly focus on our considerable sales of experimental machines this year, and the evaluation center should make comments

the falsely high price of drugs has long become a persistent disease, which itself is "terminally ill". On September 28, the national development and Reform Commission announced that it would reduce the maximum retail prices of 22 drugs, with an average decrease of about 40%, and the maximum decrease of 63%. This is the 17th drug price reduction in China, and it is also the largest price reduction. However, it is generally believed that reducing the retail price of drugs has not fundamentally changed the distribution pattern of interests in the intermediate link, and there is still a large profit space in the circulation link, which is not a fundamental solution. The same may be true of drug price packaging, but as the relevant person pointed out, it "may be the quickest way to control the price". As a way, it's always better than "waiting to die". How can this idea be "bad"

everyone has had such an experience: a little headache, a trip to the hospital often costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. We all know that we spent unjustified money, but we don't know where it was wronged; Even if we know that the wrongs are in the drug price, we don't know how much we have wronged. Once the drug price is packaged, you can't fool me. People who know the number will calculate how many somersaults the drug turned when it reached their hands. Well, even if you spent the wrong money, you still know which link you were cheated by. Give people a relatively clear idea, how can this idea be "bad"

any kind of operation requires follow-up treatment after operation, and it is impossible to leave after getting off the operating table. Thinking that once the drug price is packaged, it will be declared that everything is good for the rectification of falsely high prices. If it is lost in childishness, there must be corresponding auxiliary measures. However, no matter what the direction of a reform is, it is certain to touch the interests of all aspects. At present, the opinions of the national development and Reform Commission on pharmaceutical enterprises are also being collected, and the pharmaceutical industry associations can express their opinions heartily. I think that disapproval means disapproval, which is of practical significance to the development of raw materials for auto parts. Similarly, saying that this idea is "bad" and quite emotional can not solve the problem

the essence of falsely high drug prices, I think some practitioners' consciences have "soured" and deteriorated. They only focus on the naked economic interests, ignoring the people's physical trauma and unnecessary psychological trauma at the same time. In that case, all efforts to reduce drug prices can be tried. If this one fails, then the next one. In short, until the day when this problem is finally solved

information source: Nanfang

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